All About The American Author Jaycee Dugard’s Baby Girl Angel Dugard

The prominent American author Jaycee Lee Dugard gave birth to her firstborn in a tragic situation. The eldest kid of the American author was born because her mommy was sexually assaulted by her kidnapper. And the baby’s name was Angel Dugard.

Angel, along with her blood sister and author mommy, rose to fame after the publication of A Stolen Life: A Memoir. This memoir was exclusively focused on Angel’s mommy’s experiences as Phillip Craig Garrido’s hostage when she was 13 years old. The memoir was published in 1991 and includes information on the incidents involving the abduction and imprisonment of Lee by the notorious sex offender and his spouse, Nancy.

Despite several eyewitnesses and onlookers, the fifth-grader was promptly looked for, but no clues were ever found that led the police to Lee. As an outcome, Lee was reported missing. In 2009, the missing person case took a turn when a rescue of a 29-year-old and her two daughters were made. 

Angel Dugard had a very odd life, being raised in seclusion by a mommy who was physically and psychologically abusive. The older one still struggles with the trauma she experienced as a youngster. 

Here is a thorough narrative of Angel Dugard that details her life.

Angel’s Mommy Was A Young Mother:

The adorable pink baby, Angel Dugard, wasn’t born as the result of a happily married couple. Her mommy was just 13 and was being held captive when she was conceived with Angel. 

Phillip Craig Garrido, who abducted Angel’s mommy, turned out to be Angel’s daddy since he got Lee pregnant in August 1994. Although Craig is legally Angel’s dad, their connection was more like that of a kidnapper and a hostage. 

According to reports, Angel’s legal daddy abducted Lee while she was only 11 years old. After that, Craig continued to assault and humiliate Lee as she remained detained for years. 

Angel’s Mommy Had A Pathetic Delivery:

Since Angel’s mommy was held captive during her pregnancy, the American author was made to watch a few natural birth clips and given some painkillers to give birth to Angel on her own. 

Angel Grew Up Under Stressful Conditions:

Angel Dugard was born and brought up in an extremely stressful atmosphere because of the conditions of her birth. 

Lee’s baby girl was homeschooled by her since Angel was not allowed to go to school in the traditional sense.

Angel Thought Her Biological Mommy Her Sister:

The unfortunate truth is that both Angel and her little blood sister were too young to comprehend the difficulties the girls were going through.  In reality, the abductor Craig and his wife Nancy made Angel and her blood sister, Starlet Dugard, believe that they both were their parents. 

Craig and Nancy introduced Angel’s biological mommy as their eldest sister. The innocent girls even believed that. Additionally, even after being rescued from their abusive captor, Angel and her biological sister continued to express fondness for Craig. 

The American author also gave an unbalanced statement that Lee founds her baby girls smart enough to make their choices. But at the same time, the American author doesn’t want her daughters to be on good terms with Craig. 

How Angel’s Mommy Was Kidnapped?

In 1991, an 11-year-old girl made the headlines when she was reported missing from Lake Tahoe’s bus stop. The 11-year-old was none other than Jaycee Lee Dugard. 

Although the identity of the kidnapper was kept a secret, it was eventually discovered that Lee had been taken by a felon by the name of Phillip Craig Garrido.  Craig had dealt with cases before. The abusive kidnapper had a horrifying criminal history. Before kidnapping Lee, Craig had previously served 15 years in jail before his conviction for a bullying and harassment offense. 

According to allegations, Craig repeatedly sexually assaulted women for eight hours inside a leased storage unit. It seems that Craig had exchanged vows with his childhood acquaintance, whose name is Christine Murphy. 

According to certain reports, Christine had threatened Craig to leave him because of his aggressive behavior. So, Craig eventually abducted Christine. The 1976 court legislation eventually concluded that Craig was a persistent drug obsessive and sexual predator in addition to being a kidnapper, hebephile, serial sexual assaulter, and pedophile.

Angel’s Mommy Was Freed After 18 Long Years:

When Craig began bringing his baby girls to the University of California, Berkeley campus, his fate started to turn worse. 

The campus security was extremely suspicious and concerned about Craig since they had seen that his conduct and actions were extremely out of the ordinary. So, when the authorities started to dig for information about Craig, they eventually understood that Angel and Starlert’s daddy was a paroled sex offender and abuser. The authorities eventually discovered that Craig had never truly had a child. It was the statement that was mentioned in Craig’s earlier paperwork given during his criminal conviction.

This led the authorities to find the mystery behind Craig and led them to rescue the Dugard girls after 18 years. Angel, along with her biological mommy and sister, were eventually saved in 2009.  Craig’s spouse, Nancy, who was also a part of the abduction, received a 36-year jail term. Well, when questioned about why the American author never tried to get out of the cage, Lee cited physical and psychological torture as the cause. 

Lee said that Craig had led her to think that if she left that place against her will, Craig would abduct other females.

The Present Status Of Angel Dugard:

Angel Dugard has only been living a regular life for a little over a year. Angel had to undergo extensive counseling after being freed from the abusive abductor. It’s because Angel, along with the American author’s mommy and her younger sister, Starlet Dugard, had to recover from the trauma they had all experienced. 

The American author’s baby girl is currently living a content but unremarkable lifestyle, and Angel made sure to keep it secret.

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