Facts About Larry Bird’s Only Biological Daughter Corrie Bird

Nobody will ever forget Hall of Famer Larry Bird. But only a few knew precise details about his family, kids, and personal relationships. Meet the infamous baby girl of Larry Bird, named Corrie Bird, who will be 46 years old in 2023.

Though the former legend had more than two relationships, Corrie Bird is the initial child of Larry Bird from his first relationship. However, Corrie Bird’s mommy and Larry separated their ways a few years back. The NBA icon got Corrie’s mommy pregnant during their short, one-year relationship. 

Corrie has now been employed as an American healthcare manager. The manager has been finally recognized for her wealth of expertise in the field. Besides being the sole kid of the professional basketball legend, the baby struggled for years to earn her daddy’s love and recognition. Corrie had spent a lot of time waiting to have a healthy and typical “daddy’s girl” connection. 

Do you need to have every justification for Corrie’s so-called relationship?  Then, scroll through to dive in-depth to learn about the healthcare manager’s ongoing activities, including her business and personal pursuits.

Birth Details Of Corrie Bird:

Corrie Bird’s legendary daddy and her mommy, Janet Condra, seem to be high school sweethearts. These early love birds pursued their love for each other by exchanging vows. 

After their marriage, on August 14, 1977, the NBA icon and his spouse Janet gave birth to a baby girl who turned out to be the only biological baby of Larry Bird. The young parents named their baby girl Corrie Bird.

Corrie’s Education Details:

Similar to her daddy, Corrie was tall. However, Larry’s baby girl seemed to be unusually tall for her age during her adolescent period. During the time of her high school graduation, Corrie stood 5 feet, 10 inches tall. 

The healthcare manager and the daughter of an NBA legend earned their diplomas in 1995. It seems that Corrie had attended Indiana’s Northview High School, situated in Brazil. 

Corrie Bird was one of the most talented and potent athletes that Indiana State University had ever seen. Corrie took elementary education as her major, and she came out with flying colors. 

What Happened To Corrie’s Parents After Her Birth?

After Janet and the NBA icon became the parents of Corrie, Larry Bird’s career and profession started to gain momentum. 

The Boston Celtics selected Corrie’s legendary daddy to participate in the NBA the year after her birth. However, due to the Pacers coach’s booming career, Larry split from the baby girl’s mommy after a year of being hitched. 

To date, Corrie Bird remains to be the sole legitimate child of Corrie’s mommy Janet and the former NBA icon. There were some speculations that Corrie is an adopted kid of Janet and Larry, however, the statement was false.  

Certain Facts About Corrie’s Parents:

The mommy of Corrie had previously undergone disc surgery and was employed as a postal carrier.  The initial time Corrie’s parents met was when the former Indiana legend enrolled himself at Indiana State.  Larry Bird’s counsel demanded a paternity test to prove that Corrie was Larry’s genetic daughter. However, Corrie was a baby when a paternity test revealed and proved that she was the NBA icon’s kid. 

After the divorce, the former NBA icon and Corrie hadn’t spent much time with each other. Janet got remarried to Mike Deakins. However, Corrie kept in touch with her mommy and stepfather after graduating from high school.

Corrie’s Relationship With Her Daddy After His Separation:

The healthcare manager’s relationship with her daddy was difficult. Besides separating from her mommy, Corrie’s iconic daddy was not around for her upbringing since the professional player was out working. Though the absence of Corrie’s popular daddy made her stay close to her mommy, it caused a rift between Corrie and her daddy.

The NBA icon had a relationship with Dinah that made him avoid being involved in his only biological kid’s life for years.  The former power player subsequently admitted that he still regrets leaving his kid behind.  Through the years, it was Dinah who had pushed Larry to get in touch with Corrie and attempt to establish a connection with her.

The Former NBA Icon Accepted His Baby Girl After Years:

The former NBA icon did refer to Corrie as his baby when she got older. In his memoirs, the Hall of Famer acknowledges he might not have declared with honesty that he’s had that much involvement in Corrie’s life. The reason Larry gave for this was the conflicts with his ex-spouse Janet, specifying the former separation problem with his child.

Larry also revealed in that book his constant feelings and concerns for Corrie. The NBA icon mentioned that he realized he couldn’t do much about his concerns. It was because the legendary playwright understood that he couldn’t go back, revisit, and rewrite the initial five or six years of Corrie’s existence.

The tallest NBA player and author describe Corrie as a lovely young woman in his biography. Larry gave credit to Corrie’s mommy for nurturing her in a well-mannered way. 

Corrie’s previous athleticism is also brought up, and he remarks on how talented she was in all of her endeavors and how much Larry admired her for it. The legendary NBA icon adds that he will be there for his baby girl at any moment.

Marital Status Of Corrie:

The baby girl of the former legend seems to be married and has a baby girl and a baby boy. 

The Healthcare Manager’s Net Worth:

While her iconic daddy is unquestionably wealthy, with a personal wealth of over $75 million, the mommy of two’s co-equal estimates on her wealth seems to be much trickier to ascertain. 

The healthcare manager is less well-known in the media than her daddy is, and it is unclear what Corrie does for a living. The idea that Corrie Bird is wealthy appears less plausible in any case; it is quite improbable among wealthy millionaires.

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