Meet RHOC Star’s Norwegian-American Ex-Spouse Bernt Bodal

Bernt O. Bodal is a retired entrepreneur from the American Seafoods Group. The Norwegian-American has been famed for his inspiring journey from an undocumented worker on a labor-intensive fishing boat to building a highly lucrative enterprise. 

Like everyone, the retried entrepreneur had a professional path that was challenging. Though Bernt had performed his daily routines with perfection, he was seen as the most dreaded slur in ultra-masculine fishing activities. Bernt was referred to as a woman and called feminine. It took Bernt 13 years to advance to the C-suite level while serving as a deckhand on business boats. 

Are you curious to know how the retired businessman overcame the challenging tasks he faced in his initial years and succeeded as a result? Then continue to read to uncover everything about the Norwegian-American and his strange partnership with his former spouse, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

Birth Details Of Bernt Bodal:

The Norwegian-American seemed to have entered the world somewhere in June of 1954. So, Bernt is currently in his late 60s.  The daddy of the ambitious entrepreneur was a tram conductor. Bernt’s daddy nurtured him on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway. 

Bernt had even mentioned that his family wasn’t impoverished, but they weren’t wealthy either. It seems that the former businessman’s family didn’t own a vehicle until he was 10 years old. Also, for a specific period, Bernt’s family was even unable to purchase a television for themselves.

Bernt’s mommy and daddy aren’t together since they were legally separated. So, before the Scandinavian kid went to the USA, his stepfather and Bernt’s mommy immigrated to the country.

Bernt seemed to soon follow them. Since the Scandinavian’s daddy and mommy had contacts in the fishing industry, the kid could easily be employed as Massachusetts’ deckhand on a fishing boat. And after years, Bernt subsequently acquired American citizenship. 

How Did The Norwegian-American Start His Journey?

Bernt’s journey started when he entered the US. 

The Norwegian-American began by scrubbing fish guts off machinery at a processing business. It seems the business had been located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. However, Bernt didn’t stop there. The entrepreneur also loaded fish onto a catch-and-process vessel in the Bering Sea. 

Bernt even mentioned that he had picked up every skill while he was employed and during his work. Bernt’s hard work and sweat paid off within a year when he got a promotion and turned into a captain.  The captain was fishing in Alaska for almost 13 years, and finally, Bernt owned a portion of a trawler.

How Did Bernt Get Into The C-Suite Level?

The American citizen got employed at American Seafoods and began working there in 1990. It took Bernt just four years to change his name from a minority partner to the President of American Seafoods.

After becoming president in 1994, Bernt formed a team of potent and hard-working employees. In 1999, the hitherto small-town boy along with his team received the exclusive opportunity to purchase the organization from the proprietors for around $475 million. It was supported by a New York equity group. 

In January 2000, the US citizen was appointed CEO of the company.  After 12 long years of passion, sweat, and hard work, the son of a tram conductor got 67% of the firm. After that, the president entered the Assurance Forengingen Skuld board of directors.

When Did Bernt Retire?

Bernt Bodal decided to retire once he had completed 25 years of employment with the American Seafoods Company. 

Relationship Status Of Bernt Bodal:

Bernt was married to RHOC star Elizabeth Vargas. However, the precise details of the Norwegian-American and his partner’s marriage are murky; some accounts and speculations state that Bernt and Elizabeth were wed for five years.  On the other hand, according to other stories, the RHOC star and Bernt were married for 17 years. 

According to certain sources, it was believed that Bernt and his former partner had been seeing each other for almost two or three years. After dating, Bernt and Elizabeth decided to walk down the aisle, and they were allegedly hitched in 2000. 

The RHOC star and the former entrepreneur had been residing in the California city of La Quinta since their wedding. Unfortunately, in 2017, the duo decided that their marriage would no longer work and filed for divorce.

Bernt’s former spouse had mentioned on her official Instagram account on her separation date that it turned out to be 20 years after the duo had exchanged vows. 

It appears that Bernt and Michelle Fox have a very committed relationship. According to certain rumors, the couple’s engagement occurred some time ago. However, neither Fox nor the entrepreneur had officially declared their engagement.

Bernt Bodal’s Children:

According to the official papers, the former President of American Foods was married before meeting RHOC star Elizabeth. 

In actuality, the entrepreneur had three children as a result of his former wedding. However, the US citizen hasn’t revealed the identity of his children’s mother yet. Despite this, Bernt seems to get along well with all of his children.

The Accumulated Wealth Of Bernt Bodal:

The accumulated wealth of the American entrepreneur will be over $200 million. It’s not enough to just be aware of Bernt’s estimated personal fortune.  We have got a lot more than this. First of all, the former President of American Foods is the primary stakeholder in his firm, which has claimed yearly revenues of about $600 million for more than ten years.

When the former businessman was married to Elizabeth, the US citizen spent $3.5 million to buy a home that was situated near Palm Springs. The exact location was in Quinta, California.

To be more specific, the former businessman made almost $8 million in July 2020. Bernt made it by selling one of his particular properties, which has been known for being an ultra-facilitated home that included nearly eight acres of land.  Besides these, jets, boats, several houses, and other luxury items are more evidence of Michelle’s putative fiance’s wealth.

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