Secrets Worth Knowing About Jenni Rivera’s Former Partner Jose Trinidad Marin

Jenni Rivera was a prominent American performer, actress, lyricist, and humanitarian. According to a magazine, Rivera has been the greatest and most popular Latin musician in 2013.

Did you recognize that, aside from Rivera’s chosen career, she was wedded three times? Moreover, Jose Trinidad Marin is a personality in  Rivera’s life whom people will never forget. The guy was recognized for being the former partner of the deceased singer, and he was also the perpetrator of one of the most heinous and horrific sexual abuse scandals in history.

Jose Trinidad molested his biological kids and his spouse’s sister brutally for several years while still dating Rivera. Finally receiving the punishment that Rivera’s former spouse deserved, the filthy guy was sentenced to 31 years in jail.

The trial’s events occurred decades ago. Numerous departed singer’s admirers are now interested in knowing if Jose Trinidad remains alive and incarcerated. Additionally, a lot of you aren’t familiar with Jose’s early years, so pay attention since we have all the information detailed here.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Birth Details And Early Life:

1964-born Jose initially gained public attention after he wed Jenni Rivera. His birthday was on February 15th, and Aquarius was Jose’s birth star. 

In 2022, Jose will be 58 years old. Furthermore, Jose is of Mexican descent and a dual citizen of Mexico and the United States. Though it’s unclear when he relocated to the United States, Jose’s family nurtured him in Mexico.

Which Year Did Jose Wed Rivera?

We may infer that Jose Trinidad was a teenager when he relocated to the United States, where he met his spouse while still a high school student. 

In 1984, the couple said their vows to one another. Jose and his spouse Jenni were just 20 and 15 years old, respectively, when they were married. Jenni was carrying her firstborn kid at the time of their wedding.

There isn’t much data available about Jose Trinidad’s wedding life since the couple kept their marriage life private throughout the early stages of their marriage. 

People might assume everything will be alright when you marry the person you treasure the most. Rivera had similar hopes that her wedding would succeed. But unfortunately, Rivera’s life was terrible since their marriage was plagued by issues and Jose’s continuous abusive behavior.

Jose’s Work Experience And Profession:

During his early career, Jose had an assortment of odd jobs, and he had been dating Rivera to cover his expenses. 

At about the same time, Jose found work as a restaurant manager, where he began to make a respectable living. Additionally, he had advised Rivera to take care of their children and family at home rather than enroll in college. Predictably, Rivera disagreed with him, and as a result, there was ultimately a physical assault.

Furthermore, he carried on with his life and started a fresh life in Riverside County after his separation from Rivera.

Jose’s Unknown Abusive Character:

Jenni Rivera’s and Jose’s biological kids and Riveras’ sister, Rosie Rivera, were physically molested for several years by Jose. He began abusing Rosie initially, and then he moved on to abusing his other two children. In addition to sexually abusing Rivera’s sister and their two kids, her spouse also physically tortured her.

Rivera’s sister finally acknowledged Jose’s misdeeds in 1997. She alleged that even Jose’s oldest daughter, Chiquis, had been abused by him at the time. 

Jose had also been abusing his second daughter, Jacqueline, as was discovered when they visited for the physical check. Nevertheless, all his attempts to vanish were fruitless since the authorities eventually caught up with Jose in April 2006.

When Rivera received the heartbreaking news, she filed a lawsuit against her spouse. Then, the court summoned him to appear, but he fled and ended up as a fugitive. Besides creating a new identity, Jose began a new life in Riverside County.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Legal Separation With Jenni Rivera:

Following numerous years of psychological pain, Rivera decided to give up. The separation was completed in 1992 after she asked for a divorce sometime in the early 1990s. Rivera was given custody of her three children.

Jenni Rivera claimed that she divorced Jose because he abused her psychologically and physically. She learned of her former partner’s abuse scandal in 1997, some years after their separation.

Jose Garnered A 31-Year Jail Term In 2007:

Jose was convicted of committing sexual assault following a court case that lasted almost a year. He was given a 31-year to life sentence by the court, with no chance of early release on parole for good conduct. Each member of Jose’s family, especially his children, was present for the hearing.

Nine charges, comprising one offense of severe sexual assault, three counts of sexual penetration of children, three charges of indecent acts on children, and one charge of persistent sexual assault, resulted in the pedophile’s conviction.

Rivera, Jose’s Former Spouse, Departed In A Plane Crash In 2012:

Dreadful news for the Rivera family arrived in 2012. After the airplane she was on exploded close to Monterrey, Mexico, Rivera departed. She passed away instantly, in addition to the other six travelers.

The performer was in the area for a live concert, but the night’s proceedings ended so tragically. Her remains were returned to Long Island, where she had been raised. It was interred at All Souls Cemetery.

How Is Jose Trinidad Marin? Is He Still Incarcerated In Jail Or Was He Released?

There was a report in 2018 that Jose might be released from jail for good conduct. Given how outraged many were, the information was critically panned and covered by several sites. We could only infer that Jose is still incarcerated as of right now.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Total Wealth:

Jose, the former spouse of deceased singer Jenni Rivera, reportedly lost his job as soon as he learned about his sexual assaults. His projected personal wealth as of 2022 might be between $600,000 and $800,000.

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