A Glance At The Life Of Eminent Co-founder’s Wealthy Ex-wife – Eve Chilton Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein was an established American movie producer and co-founder who is very well remembered for earning multiple awards. 

Many might be aware that Harvey was formerly wedded to Eve Chilton Weinstein. But, regrettably, Eve Chilton and Harvey ended their relationship after 2 decades due to claims of sexual abuse. Before actually divorcing each other after over twenty years of marriage, they raised three children. 

Years have passed since Eve Chilton and Harvey’s divorce. However, people still believe that Eve Chilton is a self-reliant woman. Even though Eve has withstood her two relationships, she maintains her serene and laid-back demeanor. 

Let’s explore what transpired for Eve Chilton Weinstein. Here are all the specifics of Eve’s family, net worth, profession, and many more.

Eve Chilton Weinstein’s Early Life And Birth Details:

On September 1, 1955, Tom Weinstein and Maude Chilton gave birth to a baby girl in Boston, Massachusetts. The parents named their Virgo-born child Eve Chilton. 

Eve Chilton Weinstein, who was a native American and became a Christian, is currently 67 years old.

Eve Chilton’s Sophisticated Background:

Eve belongs to a privileged family and had a respectable upbringing. Eve’s great-grandfather Hunton Williams founded the first ever international legal business, while her grandpa Edmund Randolph served as the inaugural attorney general of the USA.

In a similar vein, her mommy and daddy, who had customers in the Vineyard, Boston, and Nantucket areas, were both investment consultants and wealthy attorneys. Furthermore, Eve’s family is affiliated with several elite clubs, specifically Massachusetts’ “Country Club.”

Flaunting Appearance Of Eve Chilton Weinstein:

The movie producer’s ex seems to be 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 60 kilograms. Eve Chilton Weinstein possesses stunningly long golden hair and gorgeous blue eyes. 

Even more charming is Eve Chilton’s nice temperament, which goes well with her fair skin and hourglass physique. And size 6 shoes are Eve Chiton Weinstein’s first preference. 

Eve Chilton’s Never-Ending Love For Acting:

Eve Chilton made sure to shift her life path at the tender age of eighteen and relocate to New York. She made an unpredictable attempt to start her acting and performing career there. It was a horrible loss for Eve that her dream of an acting profession never came true. 

During those times in 1986, her former husband Harvey Weinstein supported Eve in getting her assistant job at Miramax. For almost 18 years, Eve stayed as an assistant until the couple got separated. Eve quit her assistant job after her divorce. 

Eve Chilton Weinstein’s Convicted Ex-Husband:

Many might know that Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein established an entertainment company and named it Miramax. However, Harvey didn’t earn popularity for being a former movie producer but rather for expressing his illegal and aggressive sexual behavior. As a result, the movie producer was known for being a convicted sex offender. 

In 2017, Eve’s ex-husband became the focus of intense criticism. A magazine reportedly alleges sexually abusing, assaulting, and harassing more than 12 women. The jury found Harvey guilty of sexual assault and sentenced him to prison.

Eve’s Three Kids From Her First Marriage:

Eve Chilton, her ex-hubby, and their three kids all resided in New York. Lily Winstein was born in 1995; hence, she is currently 26 years old. Lily largely succeeded in avoiding the media’s attention up until the revelation of her daddy’s alleged sexual assault.

Because her daddy was accused of sexual assault in 2017, a photograph of Emma Weinstein was presented to the judge. Emma was Harvey and Eve’s second baby, whose birthday falls on February 2, 1998. According to reports, Emma Weinstein attended court concerning her dad’s alleged sexual assault.

The youngest of the three was Ruth Winstein, and her birthday was October 31, 2002.

Despite possessing famous children, all of Eva’s kids have stayed out of the spotlight because of the speculation surrounding their daddy Harvey.

Other than that, Eva’s children are now adults who are content with their lives. They appear to communicate well with both of their parents.

Eve Chilton’s Ex-Hubby Declined To Financially Support Her Child Care:

In 2017, almost two years after their divorce, Eve filed a $5 million lawsuit against her ex-husband. She said that Harvey had quit giving her financial compensation for their child’s care because he thought he might forfeit all of it in court.

Eve Chilton Got Happily Remarried After Her Separation:

People might not be well aware of Eve’s remarriage. After divorcing Harvey, Eve allegedly sold her 5,500-square-foot apartment and moved in with her new hubby. Eve Chilton sold the 88 Central Park West apartment, which held five master bedrooms and a half bath. Eve received 23 million dollars after the sale.  

Eve has been happily married again. She went on to wed Sal Martirano, her current spouse, after divorcing Harvey.

Although the newlyweds have not disclosed the precise date of their marriage, they kept their marriage ceremony totally out of the public eye. Having said that, Eve and Sal have been dating for a time and lead quiet lives in New York City. In addition, they do not appear to be making any preparations and haven’t brought any children together.

However, Eve Chilton’s ex-husband eventually got remarried. His wife, Georgina Chapman, was a fashion designer and English actor. Even though they were wedded in 2007, Georgina declared her divorce on October 10, 2017, in response to his complaint of sexual harassment. In July 2021, the divorce was legally completed.

A Peep Into The Personal Wealth Of Eve Chilton:

As mentioned earlier, Eve Chilton has led a luxurious life, both as the product of a privileged background and as the former wife of a wealthy movie producer. 

Eve’s wealth is not known with any certainty, although it is assumed that it is at least in the millions. Additionally, as of 2022, Eve’s first partner had a combined wealth of $25 million. According to reports, he had given his second spouse, Georgina, a $20 million divorce.

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