All About The Basket Prodigy And Julian Newman’s Sister Jaden Newman

Certain families are seen as influential. Among those families is the Newman family. However, Jaden Newman is one particularly exceptional member of that family.  Jaden is well known for her abilities and methods. The 18-year-old kid is among the most outstanding aspiring basketball players. Jaden attracted a great deal of attention when, at the young age of 9, she averaged almost 7 touches and 30.5 points for her Varsity High School squad. 

The basketball prodigy mostly participated in the Orlando Downey Christian School basketball game. Additionally, Jaden comes from a basketball-playing family, where the majority of her relatives are basketball players.  Jaden has received coaching from her daddy, a successful basketball coach, throughout her journey. However, in December 2013, her sibling Julian Newman, an amateur basketball player, was recognized as “The Outstanding Sixth Grade Basketball Player.”

We’ve included a lot of information about Jaden’s background that you may not be aware of. Look at that!

Jaden Newman’s Birth Details:

The young basketball prodigy was born on June 13, 2004. Her parents named her Jaden Newman in Orlando, Florida. Jaden will be 18 in 2022. Jaden was raised by her family in her birth town of Orlando.

In terms of her ancestry, Jaden is Puerto Rican. And coming to her nationality, the player is American and has a mixed ethnic heritage. 

Jaden Being The Kid Of A Prominent Basketball Trainer:

Jaden’s mommy is Gonzalez, and her daddy is Jamie Gonzalez. Jaden’s daddy is currently a basketball coach. Jamie had served as the point guard for the Orlando Colonial High School squad. Later, he experimented with teaching, rising to the position of basketball coach at Downey Christian School, where his children attended.

At University High School in Orlando, her mommy Vivian also played point guard. Subsequently, Vivian enlisted in the US Navy, where she stayed for four years. Vivian presently serves for the United States Postal Service.

Jaden’s Sibling Is Also Into The Basketball Track:

Being born into a basketball family, Julian Newman, Jaden’s sibling, remains a talented basketball player in the making. The eldest was born on September 6, 2001, and is 3 years older than Jaden.

The 20-year-old student attended Downey Christian School and began participating in basketball for the junior high group when he was in the fifth grade. 

Julian was immediately moved to the varsity team once his remarkable striking ability was seen. The fifth-grader rapidly gained widespread notice.  Julian’s feature film, which was published by the basketball recruitment website in late 2012, had millions of views online. In addition, his stories appeared in several well-known tabloids.

Jaden Got Herself Trained By Her Daddy:

Jamie, a neighborhood basketball coach, significantly improved his children’s abilities. Strength and fitness exercises were something Jaden and Julian did every morning with their daddy.

Later, Jamie and his kids were involved in a variety of significant matches. Jamie’s passion for the game was evident in his most recent Youtube clip, which was uploaded in March 2021.

The Position Of The American Basketball Player:

Jaden Newman was rated 102nd among all basketball players for the varsity team. She represents one of the most skilled players on the court and will shortly make her WNBA debut, where Jaden is sure to cause a stir.

Jaden’s Physical Appearance:

The basketball prodigy from America is 170 cm tall and still developing. To the surprise of everyone who doubts her skill, Jaden nevertheless dominates her opponents notwithstanding being short on the court by putting up fantastic performances.

Jaden’s Present Basketball Career:

Jaden’s development provided her with a new peak in her growing profession as soon as she received her daddy’s strict guidance.  The player recorded more than 15 points per game in the fifth grade. She earned far more than 30 points per game in the sixth and seventh grades. The prodigy accomplished her eighth grade with an aggregate rating of 45 points. 

Jaden tied a national record in January 2018 by scoring 70 points in one game. She has garnered a considerable amount of media attention ever since Jaden began showcasing her incredible abilities.  Because of her small frame, Jaden was undervalued early in her profession, but as individuals saw how talented she was, everything changed.

Relationship Status Of Jaden:

You may be wondering if the ambitious basketball star is meeting anyone or if she even has a partner. Well, we are available to give you all the solutions you require. There are currently no reports of Jaden having a boyfriend. Jaden, who is only 18, still has a lot of life choices to consider. It includes her dating or boyfriend’s choice. 

According to reports, the basketball sensation is single and is right now concentrating on her media appearances and basketball profession. But now that she has gained popularity and a family, it won’t be a shock to see her dating soon. So, let’s wait to witness what the talented athlete’s future holds.

Social Media Presence Of Jaden:

Jaden is very active on Instagram. In 2022, Jaden is having more than 1 million fans. Similarly, the prodigy has a sizable fan base on Facebook and Twitter.

Where Is Jaden Now?

She’s playing basketball right now, which Jaden is quite preoccupied with. In addition to being a powerful person, Jaden collaborates often with many fashion firms. It appears that the player resides in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, Jaden frequently appears alongside her siblings and parents.

The Young Prodigy’s Net Worth:

The basketball star’s profession is ascending to great success. Jaden can help her land several endorsement arrangements from numerous significant businesses. 

In 2022, the 18-year-old’s projected total wealth will be 5 million dollars. Jaden also receives compensation for her contributions to the reality television program, which had been aired on the Overtime Sports channel. 

According to reports, Jaden also makes money through her Instagram posts, where she has a sizable following. Due to additional basketball tournaments and sponsorships, Jaden’s wealth will increase in the upcoming years.

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