The Hidden Story Of Brandi Like’s Spouse Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski is an entrepreneur who manages a boutique real estate development and manages digital assets. He is also the creator and CEO of Tracey Jordan Properties and TJC Asset Management. The businessman is also an American actor who performs in pornographic movies. Chris is well known in the industry as the spouse of Brandi Love alias Tracey, a pornographic actor. 

Being linked to someone who works in the adult industry is never easy. Individuals and the media frequently criticize and question their way of life, relationships, decisions, and a host of other things.  Has Chris Potoski experienced such a circumstance? Chris claims to support Brandi’s career, but does he? And also, how did the pair initially meet?

Discover all of these specifics about Chris Potoski, together with a few other things, in the information below.

Chris Potoski’s Birth Details And Family History:

The entrepreneur was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Though Chris’s birthday is still unknown, we are sure that he was born in 1972. By 2022, the American entrepreneur will be 50 years old.

Unfortunately, neither of Chris’s parents’ information, including their names and professional histories, has been revealed.

Educational Background Of The CEO:

The businessman was mostly cared for by the State of Michigan during both his junior and high school years. Chris’s education happened at a place named Eagle Village.  Chris claimed in an interview that he truly had positive recollections of Eagle Village and the locals. The CEO mentioned that he smiles when he recalls Reed City High School or the Emig family. 

The businessman also noted that even after hanging his clothing up, he still buttons the tops. 

Chris’s Path After High School:

Chris was placed in an assisted-living state program after Eagle Village. The authorities then gave him a “stipend” and appointed Bob Kozlowski, a fantastic “social worker.”  Bob paid for Chris’s tuition to complete a typical high school. After receiving his GED, Chris decided to either join the armed forces or attend college.

After repeatedly receiving rejection letters from Ferris State University, Chris relocated to Michigan’s Big Rapids, leased a hotel, and turned up daily at the admissions office.

Apart from Word Perfect and DOS, Chris didn’t receive any official instruction in technology when he was a student. Chris qualified for a variety of scholarships and student loans that helped him pay for college because of his position as an independent living person. He was employed more than full-time during the summers and almost full-time otherwise.

Finally, Chris was accepted to Ferris State, but he then transferred to Central Michigan University, where he managed to finish a dual degree in psychology and physiology.

How Did Chris Become A Successful Entrepreneur?

Spouse of Brandi began his profession in 1995 when he joined New York’s Curative Health Services as the corporate development director. Chris served there for five years before leaving to serve as a VP of Florida’s National Healing Corporation. Chris formed the No Rivals Media Organization while serving as the VP. The entrepreneur spent four years there as the firm’s CEO. Later, Chris founded TJC Assets, a business that manages digital assets, and has worked with the organization since 2004.

Chris co-founded Invixis in 2009. After co-founding the software firm, Chris Potoski served as its COO until 2014. Furthermore, the entrepreneur worked as the vice president of Regent Medical Solutions from January 2011 until February 2013. Furthermore, Chris established Tracey Jordan Properties, his own business. The company focuses on offering visitors to Michigan’s renowned inland waterway in the state’s prominent Northwest corridor luxurious accommodations and a boutique adventure.

Chris Potoski has earned multiple President’s Club honors as an outcome of his commercial accomplishments. In addition to running a successful business, Chris also applied for and was given a part in the 2008 TV series film Penn & Teller. In an episode dubbed “War On Porn,” Chris made an appearance accompanied by his wife. The owner of many businesses is also a tech expert with in-depth knowledge of Java, PHP, HTML, and other technologies.

Chris’s Hobbies:

Traveling, skiing, fishing, football, and softball are among the hobbies that the CEO enjoys when he has free time. 

The Love Life Of Chris And Brandi:

On February 10, 1994, the couple exchanged vows in a special ceremony. In 2000, Chris and Brandi had their first child, a girl.  Chris was wedded before he graduated from college, after meeting his wife and closest friend there. They boarded a Ryder truck during the middle of their graduation and drove to Florida.

The Ryder truck was subsequently unloaded at their Ft. Lauderdale residence, and they left for Mexico. Brandi and Chris traveled across the nation on a backpacking trip for over four months.

Many have questioned if Brandi’s entrepreneur spouse ever had an issue with her line of work. It’s worth noting that Chris himself co-founded and provided funding for his spouse’s adult business. They are also collaborators with the firm Grapevine Greetings, which creates exclusive wine bottle labels.

Chris And Brandi’s Only Daughter:

Brandi and her spouse, Chris, chose to conceal the identity of their sole kid due to Brandi’s connection to the adult entertainment industry. The pair didn’t make their child’s existence known to the world until their 23rd-anniversary celebration.

Because of the circumstances of their occupation, Chris’ in-laws tried to abduct Chris’ daughter to preserve her morality. Nothing potentially unsafe was discovered regarding the kid’s immediate surroundings after a series of inquiries by the authority. After that, the couple was permitted to retain and care for their kid.

The Physical Appearance Of Chris:

The American entrepreneur, Chris, stands 5 feet tall and is about 165 pounds.

What’s The Businessman’s Wealth?

Chris has built a respectable lifestyle and earns a respectable amount of wealth as a great businessman. As of 2022, his wealth was estimated to be approximately $10 million. Undoubtedly, if Chris Potoski succeeds in keeping his position for the foreseeable future, his wealth will increase much more.

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