All About Actress Elizabeth Lail’s Partner Nieku Manshadi

Safari Dental and Orthodontics hired Nieku as a pediatric dentist who holds a doctorate in dental surgery. Nieku has been in the media since he wed the talented Texan-born performer Elizabeth Lail.

In the thriller “You,” Guinevere Beck’s character was portrayed by Nieku’s spouse Elizabeth. 

Nieku and Elizabeth are rumored to have been dating since the middle of the 2010s; however, this has not been confirmed. This means the “You” actress was involved before she became popular with the 2019 boy-chase-girl serial.

Netflix’s Guinevere fans have learned as much as they can about Elizabeth. However, her spouse’s details have not yet been discussed or even hinted at. Therefore, let’s attempt to interpret some of the individual qualities of Nieku in the headings that follow, including his background, his partnership with Elizabeth, his net worth, and more.

Nieku Manshadi’s Early Life:

Nieku Manshadi entered the earth on March 27, 1982. The dentist’s astrological sign is Aries. And Nieku will be 40 years old by 2022.

Educational History And Career Of Nieku Manshadi:

Nieku’s graduation degree was a Ph.D. in dental surgery. His dentistry education was finished at the University of the Pacific Arthur. Nieku even completed a two-year pediatric dental residency program at Boston University.

Nieku is now the co-founder and clinical director of OrthoDent in Denton, Texas. The dentist even owns the Charles Jr. and Joe Sweet Pedodontic Honor.

Is Elizabeth’s Spouse, Nieku, An Indian?

Contrary to certain claims, Nieku, Elizabeth’s spouse, is not Indian. He supposedly has Iranian ancestry. 

According to reports, Nieku is the youngest of four children. 

Nieku’s Family Background:

Nieku is a member of the Baha’i faith. His mom and dad are Farzin and Mojgan Manshadi. Tehran is where his daddy and mommy are originally from. 

Nieku’s sole sibling is called Leila Manshadi. Leila seems to have a DDS from the University of the Pacific. 

The dentist also values traveling. He has traveled to various places, such as the Philippines, Ecuador, and many more.

Nieku gets along well with his cousins Bijan and Kamron and with his other relatives. The dentist even maintains a good relationship with his uncle, Iraj Sanianee. 

How Did Nieku And His Lovely Partner Meet Each Other?

Through a common friend, Nieku Manshadi and his spouse, Elizabeth Lail, became acquainted. At the age of 30, Elizabeth claims that she and Nieku met conventionally. 

According to reports, the lovely future partners first met at a friend’s party in Williamsburg, Virginia. Although they haven’t revealed their relationship’s origins, it has been speculated that the two first met in September 2015.

Nieku’s Engagement And Wedding:

The pair were engaged in August at Pandemic 2020 in Montauk, New York. Nieku chose her grandmother’s ring to pop the question to the former Once Upon a Time star. 

In April 2021, Elizabeth and Nieku exchanged vows at Stone Ridge, New York’s Hasbrouck House. They celebrated their second year together here as well. 

The residence was formerly an 18th-century mansion in the Stone Ridge village. Due to the pandemic, the pair’s marriage only had roughly 22 attendees. Everyone who attended was immunized. 

The “You” alum said that she and her spouse could have easily welcomed 200 guests if it weren’t for the pandemic. In fact, because of it, Nieku and his then-fiancée occasionally considered delaying their wedding.

However, they did the best by ending up holding the only wedding ceremony on the site, which, according to Elizabeth, provided them a sense of calm as they were in their “own little cocoon.” 

When speaking to following her big day with Nieku, the Guinevere Beck performer said it “felt like a special celebration that continued unveiling itself all day.”

Interesting Facts About Elizabeth And Nieku’s Wedding:

The actress and dentist decided to get married over the weekend outside of the city on their special day. 

Regarding the location of her marriage, Elizabeth said it felt fitting to go back to a setting from their history and celebrate it with their loved ones. Nieku and his spouse decided to stick with what “felt good and genuine to us” because they didn’t possess a clear vision for their relationship.

In a subsequent interview, Elizabeth said that she felt completely natural after the marriage. The pair acknowledges that, as the planning process progressed, more and more creatives began arriving.

Nieku’s fiancée contacted UK-based artist Andrea Hawkes via video call for the gown in combination with Tiffany & Co. for the jewels. Nieku’s mommy gave gems to the newlyweds. 

Nieku opted for a dark navy suit from Freedmans’ Sporting Club. The American performer’s spouse accessorized it with a bow tie and an Oxford dress shoe.

Physical Appearance Of Nieku:

Based on the photographs, it is estimated that Nieku might be 6 feet tall. The sources are uncertain about his weight. 

Nieku appears physically fit and possesses a slender and muscular build based on his images. Elizabeth’s spouse has brown eyes and black hair.

Nieku’s Social Media Presence:

Elizabeth, Nieku’s spouse, is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but the doctor of dental surgery appears to be cut off from these networks. 

Nieku also seldom contributes to the lively, expressive moblogs of his spouse. Many have correctly assumed that Nieku, unlike his performing wife, may not desire to be around public prominence as a result of this.

Networth Of Nieku’s Wife:

Before becoming famous because of “You,” Elizabeth was no stranger. With shows like The Blacklist and Once Upon a Time, Nieku’s wife had already had enough time in front of the camera.

Elizabeth was admittedly propelled to mainstream fame by the Netflix thriller, and appearing in big streaming services’ movies undoubtedly has its benefits, particularly for performers.

The assessment shows that the series fairly overstated the financial position of its key performers, including Elizabeth, Pedretti, Badgley, and many others, even if the cast wages of You have not yet been discussed by the journals. Additionally, it unquestionably made Nieku’s spouse wealthy.

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