Meet Master P’s Daughter And American Rapper Intylyana Miller&nbsp

Intylyana Miller is a budding vocalist, independent artist, and rapper from the US. She rose to prominence because she is Percy Robert Miller’s daughter. On SoundCloud, Inty has released several rap songs. She has tried her hand as an actor in a couple of TV programs in addition to being a rapper.

Even though Intylana is in her late twenties, she is still battling for success in the industry. Apart from all of her achievements in her field, Inty is also getting notice for her personal and love lives.

In such a case, we will examine every aspect of Intylana Miller’s professional life, personal life, and much more.

Intylana Being The Daughter Of Renowned Master P:

The prominent American rapper and performer Master P, who is known professionally as Percy Robert Miller, is the dad of Inty Miller. Inty’s mommy, Sonya C, is a singer, just like her dad.

On February 27, 1993, Master P’s daughter was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America. The pair named their baby girl Intylyana Miller. 

As of 2022, Intylana will be 29 years old. She is a Pisces by horoscope.

Inty’s Family Bonding And Siblings:

Inty has a wonderful relationship with both her mom and dad. 

If we’re talking about her family, Intylana has eight siblings in total. Romeo Miller, Young V, Vercy Miller, Hercy Miller, and Veno Miller are Inty’s five brothers. She shares three sisters as well: Cymphonique, Itali, and Tytyana Miller.

Tytyana is an American performer, and Cymphonique is a lyricist and performer. Veno Miller is now a singer and model. Romeo, often known as Lil Romeo, is now a prominent American performer and rapper.

Along with her siblings, Inty was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Unexpected Demise Of Inty’s Sister:

Tytyana, Intylana’s sister, recently died. Though Tytyana passed away on May 27, 2022, the American rapper uploaded a picture of her dead sister on August 2, 2022, along with a somber comment. 

Inty claims that since losing her sister, with whom she had a strong relationship, she has been going through a difficult time.

The Educational Background Of Intylana:

Intylana Miller, who is frequently referred to as “Princess Inty,” is an intelligent person with respectable academic credentials. 

Inty completed her secondary education at California’s Calabasas High School. However, she has regrettably kept her advanced learning a secret.

Inty’s Parents’ Separation:

Sonya and Master P, Inty’s mom and dad, were undoubtedly once one of the most well-known pairs. However, the pair is sadly no longer together. 

Inty’s lovable parents were wed in 1989 and lived together for over 25 years before their separation was completed in 2014. Since their separation, Master Percy and Sonya have been content to live separate lives. 

Sonya, who is the mom of her partner’s seven kids, did, however, earn a respectable sum of money in the divorce proceedings.

According to the sources, Percy has been mandated to provide Sonya with $16,574 in support payments. Master P also owed child support of about $10,473, which comes to $27,047 per month. 

Inty has a wonderful bond with both her mommy and daddy, regardless of their divorce.

Intylana’s Profession And Career:

Not many people are aware of Inty’s vocation as a rapper. She performs as a rapper under the name Princess Inty and has worked as a self-employed musician for some time. 

Intylana has even made some of her work available on SoundCloud. She wrote her debut song, “That Real Love,” back in 2017. Intylana released the track “You Know I See You” as a follow-up.

For Better or Worse and Whatever It Takes are among her other songs. Sadly, neither of her songs achieved the level of popularity that was anticipated.

She has a second profession as an actor in addition to being a rapper. She has also appeared in a few documentaries and TV shows. 

I Got the Hook Up 2 was Inty Miller’s most recent motion picture. Together with other performers, she portrayed the role of Makala in the film.

In 2010, Intyalana began acting in the family drama movie A Mother’s Choice. She also joined James Woods in the 2013 documentary Futurescape. 

James Woods, Linda MacDonald Glenn, Nikki BreAnne Wells, and other leading ladies are featured in the show.

Is Princess Intylana Already Married Or Planning To Date Someone?

Inty is one of those famous people who does not readily divulge details about their romantic relationships. Inty is not wedded yet; that much is certain. But it’s still unclear to everyone if Inty is dating anyone.

However, it appears that Intylana is not currently interested in dating. Her romantic connections have not yet been mentioned in the news. Additionally, it appears from her postings on social media that Inty does not currently have a partner.

In addition to everything else, Inty also listed “single” as her Facebook relationship status.

Physical Appearance Of Inty:

Sonya and Master P’s daughter weigh 154 pounds and stand 5 feet, 6 inches tall.

Intylana’s Love Towards Dog:

Intylana Miller likes dogs. She plays with a puppy named Burberry and frequently shares images of him on Instagram. 

Inty frequently appears with her pets in tow when she travels. She captioned a lovely Instagram post of footage of her pet that she uploaded on January 22, 2021.

Social Media Presence Of Inty:

Similar to any other famous person, Inty uses social media frequently. Along with Instagram, she also uses Twitter and Facebook. The performer, whose Instagram handle is Princess Inty, is particularly active there. 

On the site, she already has over 6,000 followers. Inty frequently shares details about her life, both personally and professionally, on Instagram. She is also active on Facebook under the name Inty Miller.

Personal Wealth Of Princess Intylana:

The American rapper and Master P’s daughter reportedly have a total wealth of 500,000 dollars. This data, however, is unofficial. Intylana makes money from her work as a composer and rapper.

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