All You Need To Know About Abandoned Arlene Joyce Litman

People might know that Arlene Joyce Litman was a music teacher in the past, but are you aware that she was abandoned by her husband? 

The reputation of Joyce’s kid was her main claim to fame. The music teacher rose to prominence as Lisa Bonet’s mommy, who is an American actress. Not many parents are wealthy enough to have their kids know them. Joyce, however, had the good fortune to appreciate it.

Joyce’s daughter, Lisa, made headlines after playing Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show and receiving a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. Unfortunately, Joyce has left the earth as of 2022. However, a substantial number of individuals are always interested in her life because Joyce is the mommy of a notable performer.

Therefore, today’s section will concentrate on Arlene Joyce Litman, her family, her spouse, the reason behind her passing, and other lingering questions. 

Birth Details Of Arlene Joyce Litman:

On February 11, 1940, Eil Litman and Sylvia Ellen Goldvarg welcomed their adorable baby girl and gave her the name Arlene Joyce Litman. 

Joyce was born in Pittsburgh, in the United States. As for her ethnic heritage, Joyce was Jewish. The baby girl primarily spent her early years in her birthplace, and Joyce was a resident of the United States. Regrettably, the music teacher left the earth when she was 58. 

Joyce’s Family History:

Tracing her roots, we found that Joyce’s daddy, Eli Litman, was the son of Fanny Lillian Ageloff and Abraham E. Litman. Her daddy was born in Pennsylvania in 1912. Joyce’s paternal grandpa and grandma came to the United States as Jews from Russia. In 1986, the adored father of Joyce left the earth in his birthplace Pennsylvania.

Similarly, Joyce’s mommy, Sylvia Ellen Goldvarg, was brought to Pennsylvania in 1916 by her two Russian immigrant maternal grandparents. Joyce’s maternal grandpa was Louis Goldvarg, and her grandma was Sarah Silverman. Sylvia grew up in the same place as her husband, and she was also a resident of Pennsylvania. 

Joyce’s mommy wed a Pennsylvania native named Eli Litman, and she said her last goodbyes to the world in 2016.

Arlene Joyce’s Career Path:

Speaking of Lisa Bonet’s mommy’s career path, Joyce worked as a music teacher throughout her whole life. More precisely, Joyce was an Ashkenazi Jewish music instructor in Pennsylvania.

Other than the fact that Joyce was an educator who taught music to people of Jewish heritage, we do not have additional details concerning Joyce’s work life.

Arlene Joyce Litman Was Abandoned By Her Husband:

Nobody would have imagined that Lisa’s mommy would have been abandoned by her husband. 

Arlene exchanged a promise with a man of African American ancestry in San Francisco, California. His name was Allen Bonet. The opera singer wedded the music instructor from Pittsburgh on June 12, 1967.

Allen, Joyce’s spouse, was a very successful opera singer who contributed to many songs. Despite being well-liked as an opera singer, he rarely received widespread acclaim for his singing. Allen’s fame remained localized. But thanks to contemporary technology, Allen’s song is now accessible on the YouTube channel that bears his name.

Regardless of the rank and occupation of her partner, Joyce’s marriage to the opera singer began to suffer after a while, and the two ultimately decided to get separated. And Lisa Bonet was raised by Joyce on her own.

Arlene’s Kid With Allen:

Joyce and Allen welcomed their kid from their marriage on November 16, 1967. The duo named their baby girl Lisa Bonet. Joyce was the only caretaker for her lone kid, Lisa, who as an adult achieved enormous success as a performer in the American film industry.

Through various beauty pageants, Joyce’s kid entered the world of glitz and glamour. Lisa eventually became an actress because of her leading role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Joyce’s daughter worked in several films and TV shows after that.

The music teacher’s daughter was nominated for a Saturn Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Young Artist Award for her work.

Did Arlene Joyce Litman Remarry?

Following their divorce, Joyce didn’t remarry. However, Joyce’s ex-husband started a new relationship with Deborah Church. Allen even had 7 kids with Deborah.  According to reports, Joyce’s ex-partner and Deborah enjoyed a happy marriage up until Allen passed away.

The music teacher’s ex-spouse departed a few years after her demise. Allen Bonet was 83 when he left the earth. The heart attack was the reason for Joyce’s ex-spouse’s demise, and he departed on November 9, 2018, in Los Angeles, California.

Joyce’s Daughter Married Twice Like Her Former Partner:

Well, like her ex-partner Allen Bonet, Joyce’s daughter too got married twice throughout her life. 

In 1987, Lisa Bonet initially wed Lenny Kravitz. Lisa’s ex-spouse was an American rock musician. In reality, Lisa and her first spouse eloped on her 20th birthday. However, tragically, their marriage only lasted six years until Lenny and Lisa decided to part ways in 1993.

Then, in October 2017, Joyce’s lone daughter married performer Jason Momoa. Jason and Lisa started dating in 2005 and had two children together before even tying the knot.  Despite having been together for so long, the duo made their breakup official in January 2022. However, they haven’t yet separated.

How Did Joyce Die?

As we have mentioned earlier, Joyce, Lisa Bonet’s mommy, passed away in Los Angeles, California. Breast cancer was the reason for the music teacher’s demise. 

Before saying her final goodbyes to the earth, Joyce battled her disease for a longer amount of time. On March 3, 1998, Joyce succumbed to her cancer and passed away peacefully.

Net Worth Of Joyce Litman Before Death:

Joyce may have made a sizable income through her work as a music instructor in schools, which allowed her to nurture Lisa alone. However, the music teacher’s wealth wasn’t made public until just before she passed away.

However, her well-known child, Lisa Bonet, has a $14 million fortune because of her lucrative acting skills.

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