Who Is Habiba Abdul-Jabbar? The Untold Tale Of NBA Player’s Ex-spouse

You might be familiar with the retired American NBA player named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The professional American National Basketball Association player has a history of being one of the three greatest players in the NBA.

Here is the untold tale of his ex-spouse, who rose to prominence after walking down the aisle with him. Kareem’s former spouse even changed her birth name after getting engaged to him. Meet Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, the former celebrity spouse.

Unfortunately, Habiba’s mommy and daddy were not allowed to enter the mosque or attend the NBA player and their daughter’s wedding. Despite all of this, the marriage of the now-retired player and Habiba did not last very long. Even though the duo had three children together, it still made them stay together.

So what was the root cause of the separation of the American couple? What happened to Habiba after splitting from Karrem? Why were Habiba’s mommy and daddy not allowed to attend the mosque?

To uncover the answers to all such questions and to gain more insights about Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, keep reading. Also, let’s know Habiba’s birthdate, age, educational qualifications, romantic history, accumulated wealth, and a host of other details.

Birth History Of Habiba:

In October 1947, a pink baby entered the world, and she was named Janice Brown. Yes! Janice Brown is the former spouse of NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who later changed her name to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar.

Habiba, who was born in 1947, will turn 76 in 2023. However, the precise birthday of the 76-year-old remains secretive.

Habiba’s Ethnic Background And Citizenship:

While tracing Habiba’s roots, it appears that she is of Caucasian ethnicity.

According to speculation, people believe that Habiba is a citizen of the United States. However, information about Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is still secretive because she hasn’t disclosed or shared any precise details about her family, early life, or childhood memories.

Other than these things, it was clear that Janice Brown had to convert to Islam for marrying her former spouse, the American NBA player, Kareem.

But before converting, during her childhood days, it appears that Janice was practicing Christianity. Also, Janice Brown was a lone child since she never had a sibling.

Educational Background Of Habiba:

Habiba had enrolled herself at Los Angeles’ California State University. The former spouse of the retired NBA player successfully came out with flying colors and graduated. However, Habiba hasn’t yet disclosed her degree or graduation date.

How And Where Did Habiba’s Big Day Happen?

The former professional basketball player and his ex-partner tied the knot on May 28, 1971. The venue was a mosque in Washington, D.C. The fashion designer’s wedding took place as a low-profile marriage ceremony.

Unfortunately, Habiba’s mommy and daddy couldn’t attend their only baby girl’s wedding as they had no access to the mosque.

Besides the designer’s parents, close friends and other members of the family were present at the wedding.

Why Were Habiba’s Mommy And Daddy Not Allowed?

Although the NBA player’s ex-spouse had converted her name from Janice Brown to an Islamic name, Habiba’s daddy and mommy were not allowed to attend their only kid’s wedding. Habiba did change her beliefs to become a Muslim.

Habiba’s parents had traveled across the country from New York to be present on her big day. But they have turned away due to their Catholic beliefs. The bonding and connection between the fashion designer’s family and her former spouse’s family were somehow strained as a result.

Both Habiba and Kareem allegedly felt horrible about this happening on their big day.

The American basketball star constantly decided to mention his in-laws whenever he appeared on national television after that hard incident.

Did Habiba Have A Longlasting Relationship?

No! The NBA star and Habiba’s relationship did not last very long. The former duo split up shortly after a few years of marriage. Additionally, sources claim that shortly after their wedding ceremony, Habiba and her ex-spouse briefly lived apart.

It appeared that Kareem was attending Harvard while the duo got married. After a while, Habiba and Kareem delivered their first baby.

Being a professional player, Kareem found it difficult to find time for his family. As a result, the fashion designer and her then-partner split up in 1973.

Habiba and Kareem later had their marriage annulled in a religious ceremony. At the NBA player’s request, they ended their courtship in 1978.

According to the sources, a woman named Cheryl Pistino had a role in the duo’s divorce. It seems that Cheryl was Kareem’s former girlfriend. After parting ways with Habiba, Kareem exchanged vows with Cheryl.

Habiba Had Kids Even After Her Divorce:

The now-76-year-old had a pink baby with Karrem before their divorce. After their separation, the former duo continued to make babies. Habiba and Kareem had two additional children.

Habiba Alcindor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr., and Sultana Abdul-Jabbar were the three babies of the retired American NBA player and Habiba.

Habiba got married again and had another baby with her second spouse.

Occupation Of Habiba:

The mommy has had huge challenges raising and nurturing her four children on her own. Habiba took on many occupations as a result and worked as a designer.

Before that, from 1993 to 2011, the designer had been employed as an event coordinator for countless non-profit organizations. She was employed as a transracial adoption specialist from 2008 to 2012.

Habiba’s Residence:

Habiba’s initial residence appears to be in New York because several tabloids have stated that her mommy and daddy belong there.

Habibe moved to her ex-husband’s residence in Washington, D.C., along with her former partner, following their wedding ceremony.

The now-76-year-old and her family are currently residing in View Park in Los Angeles.

The Accumulated Wealth Of Habiba Abdul-Jabbar:

Even though Habiba was proactive in her profession, her accumulated wealth has not yet been disclosed. However, Habiba must have made enough money for herself and her family given that she had been employed for a long time.

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