Uncovering The Unknown Side Of Scott Patterson’s Partner Kristine Saryan

Hollywood does not suit everyone, notably those who gave it a try but decided against continuing. The same is true for Kristine Saryan. 

Kristine is a well-known actress who starred in Gilmore Girls. After tying the knot with American performer and musician Scott Patterson, she gained popularity. She had been Scott’s second wife for over ten years and a longtime companion. Since the middle of 2010, Scott and Kristine have been married and have a child. Despite this, Scott seldom ever discusses his true partner and their relationship. 

Although Kristine briefly dabbled in performing, she ultimately opted for a tranquil existence outside of the public eye. What is known about the unknown Kristine, a former performer who is currently a wife and mother? The pieces that follow have a comprehensive description of Scott’s wife, Kristine.

Kristine Saryan’s Birth Details:

Kristine Saryan, who is also recognized as Kristine Patterson, was born in April 1984 in California to a couple of Armenian and Native American ancestry. Since Kristine prefers to keep it private, which is a recurring theme in her lifetime, the precise date is unknown.

Kristine’s older siblings are Diane Saryan, who is a cosmetologist, and Michael Saryan, who is now a business attorney.

Kristine Found Love On The First Meet:

When Kristine Saryan first met Scott in 2001, he was hardly 43 years old, while she was just 17 years old.  Numerous people presume it was when Gilmore Girls: Season One was being filmed that Scott got his breakthrough role as Luke Danes and she portrayed Chrissy, Miss Patty’s dancing assistant. 

While few speculate that the Philadelphia-born performer and Kristine developed a close relationship in 2001 when they were both joining a play. They did, however, literally run into each other at the play’s interval.  Despite possessing a substantial age gap, Kristine and Patterson stay united for more than 20 years.

The Age Difference That Attracted Criticism:

At first, a majority of individuals had strong feelings about Kristine’s and her celebrity husband’s age disparity. 

According to speculation, Scott, who’d been 41 at the time, was seeing Kristine, who was believed to be 17 at the time. In actuality, the pair is still the target of these rumors. Even Scott acknowledged how Kristine has occasionally been upset by these remarks. Then, in April 2021, Scott personally stepped forward to reveal the true circumstances surrounding both how he and his wife met and their age difference.

Kristine’s Husband Opened Up For Her:

On his social media pages, the Event star posted about the first time he saw Kristine and mentioned that he had been made aware of theories about where and when he met his wife, their ages, and so on.  Scott said that the speculations were untrue. He continued by saying that Kristine was 21 years old when they first met, whereas he was 41. At the interval of the play, which they had both been going to, they came into contact with one another through a friend of Kristine’s. 

At the time, Patterson had already signed on for the Gilmore Girls part, but it had not yet been shot. He said that Amy Sherman Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls, had already met his wife numerous times at trade shows and professional gatherings.

Palladino decided Kristine would indeed be ideal for the character of Crissy throughout those conversations. Mrs. Scott made the cut after a casting call.  In 2004’s Last Week Fights, This Week Tights, Kristine had a major role in The Gilmore Girls.

Kristine’s Professional Life: 

While tackling the age difference, Scott characterized his wife as a talented actress. He said that he had never seen such huge positive reactions to a character from the audience in his entire theatre career.  The former cast member of Seinfeld claims that Kristine’s work was outstanding and made him realize how much better a performer she was than he was. 

Besides being seen in a bunch of theaters in Los Angeles and New York, he insists on this. Scott acknowledges that everyone who saw it was enthralled by his wife’s timing, composure, ease, and calm.

Scott portrays Kristine as being totally in control, witty, adorable, very powerful, and tenacious. However, it is still unclear what Kristine does for a career. Second, despite frequently featuring in several media, even her partner Scott avoids discussing Kristine or even their kid. Kristine’s final on-screen appearances were in a TV miniseries and the Gilmore Girls franchise. But Kristine decided to refrain from playing Chrissy again. Instead, she played an arbitrary 38-year-old woman.

Kristine Made Her Husband Binge-Watch “The Gilmore Girls”:

Interestingly, despite appearing in 153 episodes of the show, Kristine’s hubby had no intention of viewing Gilmore Girls.  After 2021, Scott tried watching Gilmore Girls. That same year, he made it abundantly clear that he was going to binge-watch all 154 episodes of his eponymous classic series.

Is Kristine Possessing  A Social Media Account?

Similar to her profession, which is still unknown, Kristine’s existence on any social media or related platforms is more of a subject of rumors and conjecture.

Even though the former cameo actor is generally quiet about herself, Kristine still appears to be active on Twitter. She frequently brings up her husband’s film projects, whether they are the upcoming ones or others, on the blue bird stand. But Kristine hasn’t been in front of the camera in a while, whether it was for red-carpet appearances or social media posts.

Does Kristine Have A Millionaire Husband?

Scott is often wealthy. His wealth exceeds that of Alexis Bledel, the star of Gilmore Girls, who reportedly has a total wealth of $8 million to $9 million.

According to widely cited sources, Scott’s questionable financial measures total over $15 million. Additionally, Kristine’s spouse is a business owner. He is the creator of Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee, a business he claims is devoted to creating and acquiring premium coffee products sourced from all over the world.

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