Troy Dendekker’s Days After Her Former Husband’s Demise

Troy is a drug activist and vocalist. The drug activist was married to the deceased American singer-guitarist Bradley Nowell of the ska-punk group Sublime. 

Troy has mostly been recognized inside this society as Bradley’s widow since her husband’s passing. Troy has also been continuing the tradition started by the band in the 1990s because of the identification and recognition she got as the singer’s wife. 

Bradley’s widow even suggested making a documentary on Sublime’s voyage, both with and without him. Furthermore, Troy also organizes drug addiction awareness programs in the aftermath of her partner’s heroin overdose demise. 

On top of all of these things, Troy is a mom and appears to be living a nice life right now. 

We’re going to unearth all of Troy’s secrets in this article.

Troy’s Birth Date, Parent, And Siblings:

David and Robin Newton welcomed an adorable baby girl on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina. The Newton pair named their daughter Troy. However, Troy is not their sole child. Troy was raised by her parents along with her brother Draak. 

Unfortunately, Troy’s brother, Draak, is no more. There isn’t much data available regarding Troy’s professional background or line of work. 

Troy And Bradley’s Dating History And Marriage Life:

Bradley and Troy started a relationship in the early 1990s while Nowell was allegedly on one of his tours; however, it is unclear how they met.

Troy got pregnant with her first kid in October 1994, not long after the pair started dating. Troy and Bradley delivered their only kid and became parents. The pair named their one child Jakob James Nowell. Troy and Bradley decided to be married less than a year after the birth of their son. 

Troy eventually wed her longtime partner Bradley on June 25, 1995. The lovely Hawaiian-themed marriage ceremony took place in Las Vegas in front of a small group of loved ones.

Troy’s Spouse Died One Week After Their Wedding:

Troy has always desired the best for her marriage to her spouse. But things don’t turn out the way Troy had hoped. Up until the incident, Bradley and Troy’s relationship was going well. 

On the dawn of May 25, 2016, just seven days after they wed, Bradley passed away from a drug overdose. 

The guitarist and his bandmates were sleeping at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco when the event occurred. Bud Gaugh, a band member, discovered Bradley lifeless on the mattress next to him when he awoke. Despite calling for paramedics, Bud declared that Bradley was dead on the scene and had passed much sooner than that. 

According to the reports, it seems the lead vocalist of the band had attempted to wake up his bandmates earlier in the day so they could go to the shore, but they were just too intoxicated to go.

Troy Still Expresses Her Love For Her Deceased Spouse:

It is difficult to leave behind the memories of someone who is closest to you, particularly if you cherish that person profoundly. The same is true for Troy, who lost her ex-boyfriend, who had become her spouse, after only a week of the wedding. 

It appears that Troy hasn’t let go of her memories of their time together. The drug activist still seemed to love him the same way after more than 20 years. 

The 49-year-old is always sharing pictures of Bradley on social media, which essentially demonstrates her affection for him. 

On September 5, 2020, the singer published a stunning image of her and Bradley. In addition to this, Troy has posted a lot throughout the years.

Bradley’s passing had increased Troy’s popularity in America, but it didn’t retain her. Additionally, Troy has described in numerous interviews how much she loved and adored Bradley. Troy also mentioned how she would have shouted at Bradley if he had overdosed on heroin.

Troy refuses to let her partner’s passing confine her to one location. Even though Troy misses him and always wishes he were still alive, she is powerless. 

Troy Married Kiki Holmes:

A few years after her partner’s demise, Troy got married to Kiki Holmes, who is also known as Keith Holmes. Their union took place on November 1, 2002. Over more than 15 years, Troy and Kiki were married to one another.

Even the pair’s marriage certificate was released by Keith in October 2016 with a caption honoring their 14 years of union. Similar to this, Troy’s second spouse, Keith, uploaded a short clip with images from their marriage on the celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary. 

Unfortunately, the post has already been removed. The former hubby and wife are no longer together despite their strong attachment and affection for one another. 

Troy and Keith filed for separation on July 25, 2018, according to the records. Well, there have been no new developments on the status of their separation.

Troy’s Kids With Keith:

The drug activist has three more kids in addition to Jakob, who was birthed from Troy’s initial wedding. 

Troy has delivered three children with Keith during their more than 16-year marriage. Her kids with Keith were named Rudy and Mary. Sadly, neither Troy nor Kiki have shared the identity of their third baby, a daughter. 

Troy has fantastic relationships with all of her children, and she frequently posts pictures of them on social media. 

Even more so, Troy posted a picture of the entire family on the occasion of Jakob’s 25th birthday. We hope Troy has a fulfilling family life.

Social Media Presence Of Troy:

On social media, Troy is fairly active, particularly on Instagram and Facebook. The vocalist uses the username “Mama Troy” on Instagram, where she currently has a decent amount of admirers. Similarly, she has a Facebook profile, which, regrettably, Troy hasn’t made public.

Troy’s Total Wealth:

The drug activist’s precise personal wealth is unclear. However, Troy’s total wealth has been estimated to be about $1 million, attributable to her inheritance from her deceased husband’s commercially successful records.

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