The Unknown Tale Of South African Comedian’s Daddy Robert Noah

Robert Noah is none other than the biological father of renowned South African comedian and performer Trevor Noah. Daddy Noah seems to be a white European man who has citizenship in both Germany and Switzerland. 

Though he was a chef by profession, Daddy Noah rose to fame because of his prominent son, Trevor Noah. Robert’s son is not only a performer but also an actor, political pundit, and host of numerous shows. 

When apartheid was in effect, Europe-born Robert became involved with a black lady who is now the mommy of Trevor Noah. Even though being in an interracial affair or relationship was already illegal, the chef and his companion, Patricia, had a son together. 

Despite all of the challenges, Trevor’s mommy was still capable of nurturing and turning him into a performer. However, Robert had allegedly refuted having a kid with Trevor’s South African mommy and had expressed his disinterest in the kid. 

What suddenly changed the mind of Daddy Noah? Why did the chef reconsider his thoughts on having a baby? Did the chef have a baby with his spouse or girlfriend?

To uncover more facts about the birth daddy of Trevor, continue scrolling. 

Birth Details Of Daddy Noah:

Robert Noah seemed to have entered the world in the middle of the 1930s. His parents gave him the name Robert Lloyd, which then turned into Robert Noah.

As we don’t have Daddy Noah’s precise birthdate, it is anticipated that Robert would be currently in his mid-80s. 

Although it was believed that daddy Noah is from Europe, Robert seems to hold  Swiss-German nationality and is of white ethnicity. It has been predicted that Daddy Noah could have grown up in either Switzerland or Germany. However, there aren’t any facts supporting Robert’s nationality or birthplace. 

It has been clear that the chef isn’t a big fan of the media, so the specific particulars and preliminary facts of Robert’s case remain a secret. 

Was Robert Married To Trevor’s Mommy?

Based on the findings and study, it was determined that Robert remains single and is not yet married. However, the chef had been seeing Trevor’s mommy, Patricia Noah. 

Robert initially met the black South African lady in the 1980s. It was the time when Trevor’s mommy had been relocated to Hillbrown. Patricia relocated since she was a fairly educated lady when compared to other black people who were her age. The moderately literate employee was a white-collar worker. 

During those days, Robert had been employed as a chef. Robert’s workplace was situated in Johannesburg. Being a white-collar employee, Trevor’s mommy was able to rent a flat in the apartment in which daddy Noah was residing. 

Since the chef and the white-collar employee were on the same floor of the apartment, Trevor’s mommy eventually began to socialize. After that, the South African lady and the European native got along and became good friends. 

Even though the chef was twice Trevor’s mommy’s age, they both remained friends. Daddy Noah and Trevor’s mommy were nothing more than friends. Additionally, it was illegal for Africans to engage in or have relationships with white people at the time.

Did The Chef Initially Turn Down The Offer Of Trevor’s Mommy?

Even though the white-collar employee and the chef weren’t in a romantic affair at the time, Robert’s then-mate posted a question to him. One night, Trevor’s mommy asked the chef to have a kid with her. Patricia continued by adding that the chef wasn’t even required to be involved in the baby’s life or provide child support. 

The chef initially turned down the offer because he didn’t want Trevor’s mommy to get into trouble with the law. However, Robert ultimately consented to the South African lady’s request when she insisted on having the kid with him.

Due to political circumstances during those days, the white-collar employee and the chef kept their affair a secret. The secret survived for several months until February 20, 1984. It was the day when the chef turned into Daddy Noah. 

Before the marriage, the white-collar employee gave birth to a baby boy of Robert Noah and she named the baby Trevor Noah.

Daddy Noah Stayed Away From His Biological Son’s Life:

Interracial partnerships were forbidden during that period, as we already explained. If the authorities had found out about Trevor’s mommy’s relationship with a white man, Patricia would have faced a 5-year prison sentence. Furthermore, her only baby boy, Trevor Noah, would have been sent to an orphanage. 

As a result, the mommy of the kid was forced to tell the physicians a falsehood about Trevor Noah’s birth dad. Thus, Trevor’s mommy informed the physicians that her baby boy’s daddy was a foreign national.

Finally, the white-collar employee took a decision and left the place where the chef was residing. Patricia did it initially since she doesn’t want baby Trevor or Robert to form any blood relationships. This made Daddy Noah less involved in their son’s upbringing, which eventually created a safe environment for Trevor.

The Relationship Between Trevor And Daddy Noah:

Daddy Noah initially preferred not to get involved in his kid’s life. But as the days passed, Daddy Noah subsequently shifted his viewpoint and went in search of the white-collar employee and his baby boy. 

It was the time when the European-born daddy and South African mommy decided on a way out to avoid joint parenting. Trevor’s mommy would take him to the park and the chef would accompany both when no one else was there in the surrounding. 

Unfortunately, things got tricky when Trevor grew accustomed to Robert’s look and began calling him daddy. To conceal the truth from the outside world, the white-collar employee served as a maid to his purported parent. 

The white lady resided in the same place and voluntarily helped the chef and Trevor’s mommy. The woman made it simpler for Trevor’s mommy to avoid going to jail and for the chef to see his boy.

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