The Unknown Story Of Legendary Boxer’s Son Miguel Leon Tyson

The most notable boxer, Mike Tyson, has a baby boy, Miguel Leon Tyson. We might know that Mike had earned the names “Kid Dynamite” and “Iron Mike.” The legendary boxer had a stellar position in boxing while possessing the title of unbeaten world heavyweight champ. The championship was from 1987 to 1990. 

The son of the former boxing legend has chosen to remain, allegedly, in private life in place of having a daddy who has spent most of his existence in the spotlight. Does Miguel Leon have the desire to hold a position in boxing, just because he is the kid of such an accomplished athlete? Leon and his daddy’s combo rose to prominence after the boxer posted an Instagram video instructing his kid on basic boxing techniques.

Leon’s admirers began to believe that the boxer’s kid was continuing his dad’s legacy as quickly as the clip became a sensation.  We have got all about Leon. In addition, we will uncover Leon Tyson’s mommy, his family’s unhappiness after his sister’s demise, and much more throughout this piece.

Early Days Of Miguel Leon Tyson:

Miguel Leon Tyon entered the world in 2002. The boxer’s kid will be 21 in 2023.  Leon is Afro-American in terms of both his nationality and ethnicity. In addition, Leon is a native American who lived there his entire life. 

The baby boy of a former boxer had a respectable upbringing in a prosperous household. Leon’s relationship with his mommy and daddy is quite tight.

Leon’s Interests:

Leon seems to be a talented musician. The aspiring artist recorded at Hollywood’s Blackwood Studios. It was the same facility that hosted performances by well-known “Chainsmokers” artists. 

Leon is a talented musician who can handle the piano, guitar, and drums. According to reports, the music enthusiast had the opportunity to demonstrate his piano-playing prowess on the stage of the Smith Center.

Like his daddy, the 21-year-old appears to have liked exercising. Leon even enjoys being in shape and even works out with his daddy in the mornings.

Leon’s second love, after music, is activism. Leon participated in a climate strike in 2019 and has worked on several efforts to combat climate change and preserve the environment.

The 21-year-old has also performed charitable work in nations across Africa, including Ghana, where he assisted the non-profit group IwilGO in building water catchers to provide a small hamlet with access to safe drinking water.

Miguel Leon Tyson’s Parents And Their Relationships:

As you might know, the legendary boxer was Leon’s daddy, but did you know that Sol Xochitl was his mommy? 

When the former boxer was married to Monica Turner, Mike and Sol started dating. Monica was previously employed as a pediatrician. The pediatrician is Mike’s second wife and seems to be employed at Georgetown University Medical Center. 

In April 1997, Sol and Mike were married. Monica sought a divorce from her then-husband in January 2002, just five years after they had wed. Monica’s kids were five and four years old when their marriage ended, with alleged infidelity being the cause. In actuality, Mike took responsibility for Sol’s baby a few months before the former boxer split from Monica. 

The duo gave birth to their baby in 2002. After completing their seven-year relationship, Sol and the former boxer welcomed Exodus Tyson into the world in March 2005. She was Leon’s blood sister. Sadly, the baby girl, Exodus Tyson, passed away at a tender age.

Leon Found Her Sister In A Threadmil’s Cord:

The demise of Leon’s blood sister in 2009 left the Tyson family in ashes. Exodus was only four when she left the earth.  

Speaking about the demise, the event had taken place when Leon’s baby sister was on the treadmill. It was where a cord was hanging under the digital system. Leon found the cord used by the little child to accidentally choke herself. 

The former boxer was in Las Vegas somewhere at the time, and as soon as Mike was informed, the boxer hurried to Phoenix. 

It was St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center that received Mike’s child’s admission, but the infant left the earth earlier.

Miguel Leon Tyson’s Siblings:

Besides having a deceased blood sister, Leon has five half-siblings. Rayna and Amir, siblings of Miguel Leon Tyson, were raised in Maryland. Their mommy worked as a doctor in the medical field. These two kids were raised in a tranquil home with their mommy.

Amir Tyson and Rayna Tyson were born because of Leon’s daddy’s second relationship with Monica Turner. These two seem to be Leon’s half-siblings. 

From his daddy’s next wedding to Lakiha Spicer, Leon has additional half-siblings. They were named Morocco and Milan. In addition, Leon also has an elder half-sister, and her name is Mikey Lorna Tyson. Lorna was born as a result of Mike’s intimate affairs with a nurse. Kimberly Scarborough was her name.  

The Sensational Video:

The 21-year-old Leon was keen to study, despite lacking his dad’s natural boxing skills. Leon may take the exact career as his heavyweight fighter and champion daddy.

Leon posted a video on Instagram of a former boxer teaching his kid boxing tactics in January 2018. Admirers began to speculate if Leon was also involved in boxing when the video became increasingly popular after being posted online.

Leon’s Dating History:

Leon is single. Since Leon is very cautious about his private affairs, the music enthusiast has kept his relationship status secret. The former boxer’s son makes it challenging to say for sure if Leon is meeting any special one or not.

Miguel Leon Tyson’s Net Worth:

Leon’s riches are still unclear, and there is no data relating to them. On the other hand, Leon’s daddy’s riches are derived from his earnings as a professional boxer as well as from his earnings from endorsements and brand agreements. 

According to reports, the ex-heavyweight champion’s wealth as of April 2022 was $10 million. Mike’s boxing plays a huge role in his primary income.

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