The Unknown Side Of The Wealthy Investor – Chris Carlos

Chris Carlos is the most prominent and successful investor. Besides his business accomplishments, the wealthy investor is an esteemed humanitarian, industrialist, and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Chris also works as a partner in a prominent American wine business. Yes! The second-largest distributor of fine wine and spirits in the US is where he is supposedly a partner. 

The entrepreneur is a generous giver who supports several neighborhood groups and charities. Furthermore, Chris, who is in his 50s and is a millionaire, has been in charge of the family firm for many years. Chris rose to fame specifically for his romance with Juliana Carlos, a young Insta model. The pair were involved in a piece of big news sometime back that also featured a well-known NBA player. 

Explore the genuine stories below to learn everything there is to know about the wealthy investor, Chris, including his extramarital affair, business career, affluent ancestry, political beliefs, and more.

Birth Details Of Chris:

On August 1965, a baby boy was born, and his name was Chris G. Carlos. 57 years old Chris is an Atlanta native.

Entrepreneurs’ Blood By Birth:

Did you know that Chris hails from a line of entrepreneurs? Well! Chris’s grandpa founded the National Distributing Company. 

In 1935, the company was known as Dixie Wine. Furthermore, the Carlos family established Emory University’s Michael C. Carlos Museum and has given lump-sum amounts to charitable foundations.

Chris Carlos’s Wealthy Parents:

Michael C. Carlos was Chris’s daddy and Thalia N. Carlos was his mommy. 

Chris’s daddy was the former NDC CEO and Chairman, who served until his death from illness in December 2002. And unfortunately, even Chris’s mommy died due to a stroke in May 2011.

Educational Background Of Chris Carlos:

Chris received his education at Woodward Academy. Later, the investor attended the University of Florida, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Chris Being A Prominent Businessman:

The second-largest distributor of fine wine and spirits in the US, Republic National Distributing Co., is where Chris Carlos is a partner. 

For wholesale and distribution of alcoholic drinks, RNDC LLC is well recognized nationally. In the US, the firm is selling beers, wines, liquors, and other related goods.  The wealthy investor founded RNDC from his grandpa’s NDC firm, and Chris is in charge of taking his family’s enterprise, NDC, into South Carolina and other states. 

Currently, over twenty states receive spirits and wine through Chris’s RNDC firm. Perhaps Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, with distribution in 35 states and headquarters in Miami, is ahead of it. 

Chris’s Initial Path:

The University of Florida alumnus started his profession as a merchandiser in the wine industry in Jacksonville, Florida. 

In 1985, Chris began working at his grandpa’s NDC. The former business student afterward moved on to work at several of the company’s facilities and the neighborhood business from the ground up, gaining a comprehensive grasp of its operations.

Later on, he established NDC’s beer section in Atlanta and was the state’s executive VP. 

Marital Status Of Chris Carlos:

According to reports, Chris and his spouse Juliana Carlos first connected in early 2019 on a blind double date arranged by their pals. In August 2020, after dating for approximately a year, Juliana and Chris made their engagement public. 

In a video that Juliana Carlos once shared, the wealthy entrepreneur and investor propose to her when they are on holiday in Mexico. The video was shot at Mexico’s Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. Then in 2020, the rumored pair officially hitched over Christmas.

It is said that the pair currently alternate their time between Florida and Atlanta. The age gap between Chris and Juliana is considerable; the former is in his 50s, whereas the latter is in her mid-20s. Juliana is now publishing cosmetics tips on her YouTube channel.

Chris’s Former Marriage And Kids:

Before Juliana, Chris was the spouse of models Nicole Jockisch Carlos and Merry Leigh Hodges. In addition, the wealthy entrepreneur also has three teenage kids from his previous union with businesswoman Merry Leigh Hodges. Furthermore, a few of them possess kids of their own. 

On Chris’ Instagram profile with Juliana, the businessman frequently posts pictures of his kids with his former partner Merry. The second spouse of Chris, Nicole Carlos, on the other hand, was formerly a model for Hawaiian Tropic. It was believed that a baby boy was born to Nicole Jockisch due to her relationship with Chris.

Chris Being The Republican Supporter:

Chris appears to be a fervent Republican enthusiast. Together with other Republicans, he previously gave Republican David Perdue a hefty sum for his campaign for the Georgia Senate seat. However, Perdue was unable to win. 

Chris has contributed close to 30,000 dollars to Purdue’s projects even now. The wealthy entrepreneur has reportedly given money to several Republican groups and leaders, according to Open Secrets. 

Chris has similarly donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee, contributing up to 2,800 dollars each time.  On the other side, there were a disproportionate number of occasions where businessmen gave money to Democrats.  According to several reports, Chris’ family has also contributed almost 10 million dollars to the political goals.

The Personal Wealth Of Chris:

Chris is a man with significant wealth and very deep pockets. The devoted worker at his family’s company in Georgia reportedly has a staggering combined wealth of 80 million dollars. 

The investor had a financial safety net from birth, which allowed him to give generously to what seemed to be primarily conservative political causes. Chris also resides in a 25 million dollars Miami penthouse with his spouse Juliana.

The co-owner of RNDC owns several properties in other states. According to reports, his RNDC brings in close to $11 billion annually. He was described back then as a rich investor who is descended from a prominent and charitable family in Atlanta. Amid a drought, he allegedly consumed 440,000 gallons of water in 30 days.

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