The Life And Lifestyle Of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson

Nobody will forget the departed American pianist, composer, performer, and songwriter, who was none other than Ray Charles Robinson Sr. But, how well are you familiar with Charles’s former spouse, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson?

Beatrice and Charles have been happily married for over 22 years and have had three children together. Numerous individuals who were close to the composer believe that Beatrice was the one lady Charles genuinely loved and wanted to spend the rest of the pianist’s life with out of all the ladies he had affairs with.

From her life’s failed romance to how she rose to prominence, Beatrice also has a fascinating life tale and lifestyle to share.

Beatrice was born and nurtured in a segregated, tiny town before shifting to the rich society that was once meant for white people. However, Beatrice and her former departed spouse lead a lifestyle that most white people can only imagine. Beatrice was lucky enough to live that style before she and her spouse turned 30.

In this blog, let’s know the life tale and lifestyle of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, including her early days, separation from her departed spouse, and much more.

Early Childhood Days Of Beatrice:

Though we don’t have Beatrice’s precise birthdate, it appears that she was two years older than Charles.

Beatrice’s baby boy was named Ray Charles Jr. The junior has written a book in which he does mention that his mommy was always concerned by the truth that her former spouse was younger.

Tracing Beatrice’s roots, it seems that her roots were in Richmond, Texas. To be more specific, when Beatrice was born, it was a town with 1,500 residents.

The pianist’s former spouse was in an oil- and cotton-producing region. Hence, the Depression didn’t affect it as severely as it did the rest of the nation.

Beatrice’s Educational Background:

Beatrice attended a colored school that was located in Richmond. Each day, the Richmond-born girl had to walk sixteen kilometers.

The gospel singer finished the third grade at Richmond’s school and then relocated to Houston. Beatrice’s mommy and her two aunts were accompanying her.

The Professional Path Of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson:

Beatrice started singing on the radio and at events soon after joining hands with Cecil Shaw’s gospel group. Charles’ former spouse was well on her way to a lucrative gospel career by the time she was out of her teens.

After the gospel singer and the other members of her band were given contracts, they relocated to larger churches and performance venues.

A recording deal was soon signed, and some of the works became CDs that are still in circulation. On the covers, Beatrice may be seen grinning at the camera.

Beatrice’s Family Had A Lot Of Lands:

About 80 acres of land belonged to Beatrice’s maternal family and were shared among the several houses.

Beatrice shared a one-bedroom frame home with her uncle George and grandma Mama Lee. The frame house was constructed on 10 acres of farmland.

Besides growing organic veggies in a truck garden, Beatrice’s family also grew corn, potatoes, cotton, and peanuts.

The gospel singer’s family also tended fruit trees, dewberries, and blackberries in the wild. Beatrice’s family would make pies and cobblers out of the organic produce obtained from their farm.

They Had Livestocks As Well:

The gospel singer’s family also had cows for milking and horses to move the carts. The number of geese, ducks, and chickens they had meant that her family didn’t need to purchase any meat or milk.

Beatrice’s family taught her that food shouldn’t be squandered. They had also constructed a modest church on the family’s land since they were deeply devout. The Beatrice family named the church Zion Watchtower.

Beatrice’s Parents Were Never Married:

Ironically, the gospel singer’s parents never exchanged their vows. Beatrice was never told the reason since it was never brought up in her presence.

The gospel singer was upset because her daddy wasn’t there for her during her childhood. It appears that Beatrice’s daddy was residing in Houston with another woman, with whom he exchanged vows.

The daddy and daughter were never introduced. Eventually, when the singer was eleven years old, Beatrice moved to Houston to live with her mommy, leaving Richmond and her grandma behind.

The Wedding Of Beatrice And Charles:

In 1955, Beatrice and Charles exchanged vows in a back room surrounded by clutter. A woman that the duo had never met read them their vows during their wedding.

The American composer and gospel singer gave birth to a baby and named him Ray Charles Robinson Jr. After the junior, the musical duo has two other baby boys named Robert Robinson and  David Robinson.

The Reason For The Duo’s Separation:

When the gospel singer was staying at home and Charles was traveling, his hunger for intimate romances persisted.

Beatrice’s former spouse had a notorious romance with Mary Ann Fisher. Two years after getting married to Beatrice, Charles started dating Mae Mosely Lyles and Margie Hendricks.

The gospel singer decided to stay with the American composer despite being aware of his extramarital relationships.

Gospel Singer’s Separation From The Composer:

The mommy of three ultimately filed for divorce in 1976. However, the specifics weren’t made public.

During the time, the American composer shared a residence with her son Ray Charles Robinson Jr. and his girlfriend.

The Bond Between The Duo After Separation:

After getting separated from Charles, Beatrice got married. However, it ended up sadly again.

Beatrice and Charles had improved their relationship by 1983. Yet the career and health of the pianist weren’t doing so well. Charles had meal visits from the gospel singer while he was in the hospital being treated for his recovery.

Regrettably, in 2004, the gospel singer’s former spouse passed away as a consequence of complications brought on by liver failure.

Residence Of Beatrice:

According to the reports from 2010, Beatrice had been residing in Riverside County and was in good health.

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