The Comprehensive Story of Toriah Lachell & Her Bond with Jayson Tatum

Toriah Lachell is a professional hairdresser, but she attracted people’s attention because of her bond with Jayson Tatum, a basketball player. Tatum, who was formerly her boyfriend, is now a forward for the Boston Celtics. 

Last year, Jayson Tatum’s Boston Celtics played a terrific game. They stepped it up in the second part of the previous season to clinch the second seed in the East. The Celtics lost the NBA championship at home in Game 6 because Tatum faltered in the greatest phase of his career.

In terms of their romantic history, the ex-lovers dated for a few years before breaking up. Additionally, the pair also have a son together.  Many individuals are interested in learning about Toriah’s dating history after their parting. 

So let’s attempt to determine whether she is meeting someone or is content living alone in this story today. Let’s also go over some intriguing information about Toriah’s family history!

Toriah’s Early Life And Nationality:

In February 2000, Toriah Lachell was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Toriah, who is currently in her 22nd year, was brought up in her birthplace.

Toriah completed her education at Creve Coeur, Missouri’s Chaminade College Preparatory School. Toriah’s former boyfriend, Jayson, also went to the same Chaminade College Preparatory School. 

While they were in high school, Toriah and Jayson went on to date. During Toriah’s teenage years, she spent four years participating in varsity soccer and softball. She also possesses dual American nationality and a blended ethnic background.

Toriah’s Bond With Her Family:

Toriah is the stepdaughter of Northwest High School alumnus John Gibbs and the child of Julie Gibbs. As far as we are aware, her stepdad has been the only father figure she had, thus her biological father will presumably still not be traced. 

Toriah and her stepdad have a special bond. They constantly post nice pictures of themselves on social networks. Because of her mother’s remarriage to John, Toriah also possesses a half-brother called Morgan.

Toriah’s Career & Profession:

After briefly attending a Boston beauty school, Toriah has now become a skilled hairdresser. She is the proprietress of the hair business, The Curl Bar Boston. It has more than 5,000 followers on Instagram.

Toriah also has a presence on Instagram, where she identifies as a “Curl Artist.” On her Instagram, she primarily promotes various curly hairdos.

Toriah’s Path Towards Passion:

Toriah put softeners on her hair from an early point until she was sufficiently mature to comprehend how to take care of it on her own. She assisted others on the way while spending years caring for her luxurious locks. Toriah then made a move and registered in a cosmetology program.

Years later, Toriah is now a trained Cut it Kinky alumna, a Deva curl stylist, and a Rezo Cut stylist. She is continuously seeking to increase her knowledge and enhance her abilities to become one of the top professional curl stylists.

Toriah now operates her hair shop that caters to customers with curly hair. She is thrilled to be sitting in the other chair and to be able to guide customers through the journeys they have had.

From Dating To Parting Ways:

In terms of the dating journey, Toriah and Jayson spent three whole years between 2014 and 2017 dating. However, the grounds underlying their split are held secret from the general population.  Jayson was 19 years old when Toriah and he were expecting their baby. Toriah was conceived during his first season in the NBA.

A baby boy was born to Toriah on December 6, 2017. Then, it became known to the entire world that the boy whose daddy was Jayson goes by the full name of Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. However, the little one’s nickname was “Deuce.” Deuce is also very close to Jayson and frequently takes him to basketball games.

The Bond Between High School Sweet Hearts:

Was Toriah wedded to Jayson? Well! It was a direct no.

Toriah is not Jayson’s wife, as they never wed.  As mentioned earlier, when they were both attending Chaminade College Preparatory School, the pair initially met. According to sources, their eyes locked as fast as they approached one another. The pair started dating in August 2014 after being best buddies in high school.

A few months into their relationship, Toriah’s stepfather, John, began posting pictures of her with Jayson on a social media platform.

Do Toriah And Jayson Still Live Together?

Even though there is no data on when the couple broke up, Toriah and her former boyfriend are no longer together. 

Despite the love they had for one another, Jayson and Tatum’s relationship couldn’t endure soon after they had a kid. According to online publications, the basketball player quickly moved on to ex-Duke volleyball celebrity Samie Amos.

Additionally, Jayson was charged with dumping on Toriah by Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams.  While Jayson had been dating Toriah in 2015, Williams said that the basketball player was seeing two damsels concurrently. Rece Mitchell and Ashley Henderson were the women whom Jayson allegedly deceived Toriah with.

Toriah And Jayson’s Shared Custody:

The arrival of their baby did not bring the ex-high school lovers together, but they seem to get along well as co-parents. Toriah and her ex-partner presently share custody of their son, Deuce. Sources imply that they still have a strong parental tie.

Toriah’s Son Is Already A Celebrity:

At his father’s matches, Deuce frequently makes an appearance. Deuce, who is already famous, allegedly walked to his spot with his granny as the audience yelled his name.  When Deuce was just five years old, he seemed to have more followers than his NBA player father, Jayson, and to have the Celtics gripped around his little finger. Jayson even remarked, “I did not anticipate that.”

Toriah’s Post-Breakup Relationship Status:

The hairstylist has held all of her private information hidden since she and her old boyfriend, Tatum, split up. She hasn’t yet disclosed any type of connection.

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