Meet Veronica – The Mommy Of Renowned Basketball Player Devin

Meet Veronica Gutierrez, who is the mommy of renowned American basketball player Devin Booker. The mommy of the professional player is a cosmetologist.

Veronica’s son appears to be the youngest professional American player who has ever had back-to-back games with 50 points. This young champ is representing the Phoenix Suns in the National Basketball Association.

The cosmetologist rose to prominence when she was frequently spotted supporting her baby boy during his basketball games. And Devin turns out to be the reason why Veronica became well-known.

Well, Veronica’s life has been subjected to continual scrutiny since she is the mommy of a renowned champion boy. Many individuals are interested in learning about the cosmetologist’s employment, marital relationships, personal life, and other intriguing facts.

Beyond that, a lot of Veronica’s life is highly private, but we have done our best in this piece to cast some light on it. Let’s instantly review the mommy’s profile first.

Birth Details Of Veronica Gutierrez:

It appears that the father of Veronica was reportedly from Mexico’s Los Nogales.  Puerto Rico was the cosmetologist’s birthplace. However, the mommy of the NBA player has not yet made her personal information available to the public, and hence, there is no material provided on her place of birth, educational history, or other background information.

Veronica may have been a wonderful mother to all of her children. This is because, according to Veronica’s former partner and his baby boy Devin, Veronica devoted her time to being the greatest mommy possible despite having a demanding career.

Veronica’s Background Details:

The cosmetologist is of Mexican-American nationality and appears to be of Puerto Rican heritage. Although Puerto Rico was allegedly Veronica’s birthplace, her daddy was from the adjacent Texas town of Los Nogales, Mexico.

Despite possessing Mexican ancestry, the cosmetologist unwittingly isolated her children, notably Devin, from the culture.

The NBA player even claimed that he didn’t truly identify as Latino. That was until Devin relocated to Phoenix in 2015.

Veronica Is The Mother Of An NBA Player:

As we have mentioned earlier, Veronica is the mommy of a professional NBA player. The cosmetologist was initially recognized by the audience after her baby boy won the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft. Devin had been selected by the Phoenix Suns as the 13th overall player.

Many might forget the fact that Veronica’s son has turned himself into a highly successful and accomplished NBA player pretty quickly. The teenager held the record for being the youngest player who was talented enough to score more than 60 points in a game.

In the same vein, Veronica Gutierrez’s son made history in March 2019 by becoming the youngest player to own back-to-back 50-point games. The time the little champ took to accomplish those scores was a little over two years after joining hands with the Suns.

Later, in 2020, the son of the cosmetologist was also chosen for his debut NBA All-Star game. The cosmetologist and NBA player, a mother-and-son team, get along well.

The Cosmetologist Has Two More Babies:

You might know that Veronica is the mommy of Devin Booker. But are you aware that the cosmetologist has two other children? Yes! Veronica gave birth to three beautiful and talented babies.

The stunning cosmetologist’s babies were named Mya Powell, Davon Wade, and Devin Booker.

Davon was the first baby Veronica delivered in 1993, and his birthdate falls on February 17. Davon, Veronica’s first baby, is the eldest of the three. Regrettably, Veronica has not provided any information on Davon’s daddy.

Any guesses on who the middle kid was? It was the NBA champion, Devin Booker. On October 30, 1996, a professional basketball player was born. The middle kid was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It appears that Melvin Booker was the daddy of the American NBA player and the second son of Veronica.

Finally, the youngest of all three was a pink baby, and she was named Mya Powell. Mya entered the Earth in 2000. As of 2023, the little version of Veronica, Mya Powell, will be turning into a 23-year-old stunning and gorgeous lady.

The Relationship Between Veronica Gutierrez And Her Babies:

The skilled and working mommy of three has a wonderful bond with her two blue babies and one pink baby. Furthermore, the family members of the cosmetologist have all had a good deal of success in their respective industries.

The Parents Of The NBA Player Never Got Married:

The cosmetologist and Melvin have been in a wonderful relationship for a long time, even if they had been together without being engaged. However, Melvin Booker and the cosmetologist had never exchanged vows.

The American duo’s choice to postpone their “big fat day” was mostly influenced by their hectic work schedules and dedication to their jobs.

In actuality, the babies of the cosmetologist and Melvin had to spend time with both of their parents. However, it was commendable that the American duo practiced fair parenting.

Melvin, on the other hand, praises the cosmetologist for being the best partner and mother to his children. Devin’s daddy values Veronica’s sacrifice for his children.

How Did Devin’s Daddy And Veronica Gutierrez Meet?

It was the time when Devin’s daddy was a player for the Grand Rapids Mackers. To be more precise, during the 1995–96 CBA season, the cosmetologist crossed paths with Devin’s daddy. Their initial meeting grew and developed into a loving partnership.

In reality, after a few months of meeting, dating, and being together, Veronica got pregnant with Melvin’s kid. But regrettably, things started to go south between Veronica and her former partner. Finally, the American duo decided to part ways.

Social Media Presence Of Veronica:

Veronica Gutierrez is a well-known cosmetologist and mommy of three, yet she doesn’t use any social media sites. The cosmetologist doesn’t seem to relish the attention, to be honest. However, her baby boy, a professional American basketball player, has developed a respectable fan base and admirers on his social media accounts.

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