Meet The Supermodel Iman Abdulmajid’s Baby Girl Zulekha Haywood

No matter the wealth, fame, or background of the families, everybody wants to watch their kids shine in front of them. Similarly, a kid desires to make every attempt to live the way that their ancestors did, even if that means carrying on the family business. And if the kid displays their involvement in it, that’s just the bonus. This statement makes sense in the life of Zulekha Haywood.

Zulekha Haywood is none other than the baby girl of supermodel Iman Abdulmajid and her ex-husband Spencer Haywood. Though the general public frequently refers to Zulekha because of her attachment to her prominent parents, she earned her own identity by turning herself into an accountant, magazine editor, and business analyst.

Zulekha’s daddy is a well-known NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, and her mommy was a supermodel. And despite being the baby girl of well-known celebs, the business analyst has never drawn media exposure. Continue to grasp more by reading about the magazine editor and her life as a privileged child.

Zulekha Haywood’s Birth Details:

The supermodel mommy and NBA champion daddy welcomed their baby girl on July 5, 1978. Iman and Spencer gave the name Zulekha Haywood to their sole daughter. The celebrity parents gave birth to their first kid in the United States.  The accountant was nurtured in New York. However, the to-be 44-year-old Zuleka Haywood is currently residing in Wichita, Kansas.

Even though the magazine editor was born with certain privileges and advantages, her bond with her mommy wasn’t particularly strong. But as the days progressed, Zulekha Haywood and her supermodel mommy became way too close.

Zulekha’s Educational Background:

The accountant seems to have attended Michigan’s Mercy High School in Farmington Hills. Zulekha had completed her secondary education there, and then the business analyst enrolled herself at Michigan State University. 

Though people are unsure of the accountant’s bachelor’s degree, it appears that certain individuals believe that Zulekha received her degree in business analysis. The rest of the people said that Zulekha had earned a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. 

Zulekha Haywood Is A Multitaksing Woman:

Zulekha had developed unions with significant companies and attracted a lot of transparency in the firm’s numerous areas. 

In 2014, the business analyst left her mommy’s firm, where she had spent more than 12 years, to take a new opportunity to get employed as a project manager and brand analyst.

The New York Native’s Relationships And Family:

Besides periodically discussing her fat reduction the baby girl of an NBA champion has always kept a low profile about her successful daddy and mommy. However, not much of the accountant’s private life has been highlighted. But the information about  Zulekha’s wedding was very much out in the open. 

Everybody knew the revelation that the New York native has exchanged vows with her long-term sweetheart, Jason Young. According to the data on Facebook, Jason seemed to be a restaurant owner. 

The supermodel’s baby girl wed restaurant owner Jason on November 16, 2016. After getting married in late 2016, a year later, in July 2017, Zulekha and her spouse gave birth to a pink baby. Zulekha Haywood and Jason named their pink baby Lavinia Rose Young.

According to reports, Zulekha’s spouse Jason’s official Instagram photos were the source of the announcements for their wedding and child delivery.  Even the business analyst’s parents revealed the same announcements on each of their official Instagram accounts. 

Zulekha’s Siblings:

Though Zulekhas appears to be the only kid of the supermodel mommy’s connection with her NBA champion daddy, the accountant has numerous siblings. It was because of Zulekha’s parents’ connection with others. 

The New York native has three stepsisters owing to her daddy’s past relationships and marriages. The half-sisters were named Shaakira Haywood, Isis Haywood, and Courtney Nikiah Haywood. These three were Zulekha’s paternal siblings.  Speaking about her maternal siblings, Zulekha has two half-siblings. The half-brothers were named Alexandria Zahra Jones and Duncan Jones.

The Magazine Editor’s Private Details:

It seems that Zulekha had previously had a pretty difficult real-life regimen since she struggled with her obesity, particularly while her mommy and daddy were always in the media. However, it never stopped the baby girl from largely submerging herself in business. 

Furthermore, the business analyst’s weight reduction path entailed a lot more than simply diets and physical body issues. Zulekha’s openness about her disordered eating has now inspired many individuals around the world in a little way. The magazine editor’s story thus features victories brought about by parenting skills and occasionally, as well, by accepting oneself.

Furthermore, the accountant has dated an individual by the name of Eric in the past. The baby girl of the supermodel mommy reportedly seems to be friends with Eric to date.

The Business Editor’s Obesity Issues:

Zulekha’s weight issues started to trouble her and made her take diet food when she was just at the tender age of eight. 

According to the former Mercy High School student, none of the diets she tried worked for her or helped her lose weight.  The business editor attributes her former practice of plundering the fridge and cabinets after late-night hours to her excessive weight gain. Zulekha was virtually never safe from consuming too much.

Zulekha’s NBA icon daddy helped her by overseeing the creation of the now-resident of Wichita’s secondary diet plan chart. Her supermodel mommy even oversaw her initial effort at weight loss using an Italian diet. 

The secondary diet program required Zulekha to consume the amount of food she weighed and then sweat it out by working harder on the court for longer periods.

Zulekha Successfully Overcame Obesity:

When the business analyst was 28 years old, she made an appropriate and timely decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Zulekha stood by her decision and underwent that surgery. 

After that, Zulekha seemed to have experienced difficulties and required a second operation, which forced her to enter the intensive care unit. Fortunately, the second surgery had positive results.

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