Meet The Only Daughter Of Chester Hanks Beautifully Named As Michaiah Hanks

In 2011, the iconic performer Tom Hanks became a grandfather when his oldest son had an adorable baby. The musician and performer Chester Marlon Hanks, along with Tiffany Miles, named their daughter Michaiah Hanks. Because she is the grandchild of renowned actor Tom Hanks, Michaiah is widely recognized. 

In the television series Empire and Shameless, Michaiah’s father, Chester Hanks, plays a major role. Even though Chester’s daughter wasn’t the result of a romantic partner, her father views her as the finest thing to have ever occurred to him. 

Chester says Michaiah was very instrumental in helping him change his life. He never fails to express how much his child means to him at any given time.

Chester’s father taught him how to be a fantastic parent who was always willing to place his family first. So, let’s examine and learn the key details of Michaiah Hanks in this post.

The April Born, Michaiah:

Michaiah was indeed an April baby. With her dark brown colored hair and black eyes, Michaiah Hanks exudes such elegance. Every year on April 16th, when her birthday is honored, Michaiah’s family goes all out with the arrangements.

From her dad’s family, she is descended from Portuguese, Bulgarian, Greek, and English people. Michaiah has African American maternal ancestry. Her mother was born in Indio, California.

The Romantic Relationship Of Michaiah Hanks’ Parents:

Tiffany Miles, Michaiah’s mom, was not Chester’s girlfriend, and the two did not have any romantic ties. According to rumors, they only engaged in a one-night romance when the celebrity’s son was inebriated.

However, according to Chester, the lady who gave birth to his kid is the most kind-hearted person he has yet to meet. 

Amid the George Floyd demonstrations, the highly tattooed artist also offered a loving homage to Tiffany, the black mother of his daughter. Chester expressed his gratitude for Tiffany in a post that was accompanied by a collection of Instagram images of him standing before Geroge Floyd’s artwork, referring to her as the mom of my kid and a wonderful black woman.

Tiffany and Chester seem to be officially not united. However, it’s unclear what exactly happened between them. Chester and Tiffany never get along well.

The Unknown Facts About Michaiah’s Parents:

Michaiah’s mom is a California State University alumna. Tiffany also completed her internship at Moguldom Media Group LLC. She specializes in the journalistic sector in downtown Los Angeles. 

Tiffany even assists with YouTube, Twitter, and email account management. Her additional responsibilities involve processing paperwork, setting up apparatus for red carpet presentations, and using the teleprompter during live filming.

Chester is not only a performer but also a musician and a rapper. He composed White and Purple in 2011 under the pseudonym Chet Haze. The hit Black and Yellow, by Wiz Khalifa, was remixed for this song.

Despite having a lot of expertise with screens, Chet Hanks hasn’t yet achieved the enormous recognition that his father has throughout the years. However, Michaiah’s daddy had recurrent parts on popular television series including Empire and Shameless. 

In the Showtime courtroom drama miniseries Your Honor, he also played Joey Maldini. His acting credits include the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Fantastic Four, Bratz, Larry Crowne, Project X, Indiana Jones, and Greyhound.

Michaiah Hanks And Chester Hanks Duo:

When talking about the path Chester took to becoming a father, he was refreshingly honest. The performer was not embarrassed to say that his daughter’s role as a superhero gave him the will to overcome his addictions.

Chester has been loving her incredibly since Michaiah arrived, which is the nicest way to honor her. 

The two are unbreakable, and their bond is obvious. Contradictory to what he said in his opening statement, the dad of one loves to share recordings of his interactions with the adorable princess.

Michaiah Dad Chester’s Struggle With Substance Abuse:

Michaiah’s dad, Chester, battled addictions throughout history. Chester suffered from substance abuse. However, he has been open and contrite concerning them in several interviews.

Chester disclosed in November 2014 that he had struggled with substance abuse since he was 16 but had just become healthy in his mid-20s. According to Michaiah’s father, he even used crack. Additionally, he once demolished a hotel room, appeared with guns and spent time in recovery.

Chester gained notoriety after using the N-word slur on Instagram in June 2015. Some accounts said he had vanished weeks later.

He confessed that he was distributing coke with the help of an Instagram video, working until his nose became so blocked that he was unable to even inhale it. 

Michaiah Got Her Father Recovered:

As previously indicated, Chester has a propensity for acting erratically; the actor has gotten himself into drug issues, which has also gotten his renowned parents into difficulty.

Michaiah’s father is accused of driving while intoxicated in the middle of 2016. However, he was operating his parents’ vehicle. Later, Terry Morgan, the victim, filed a lawsuit against them.

Chester himself experienced whiplash and a concussion. The first kid of Tom and Rita was previously defined by parties and turmoil alone.

Today, those times appear to be behind him, and Chester attributes this to his child, Michaiah. According to the Empire actor, his daughter is the nicest thing that has ever happened to him.

The Beautiful Bond Between The Hanks Family And Michaiah Hanks:

The Hanks family adores Michaiah to the hilt. Chester’s Oscar-winning dad assisted him with his debt commitments, including paying his $2,800 monthly rent for his Santa Monica residence. 

The Forest Gump performer also helped Chester’s daughter, Michaiah, who at the time had full custody under the care of Tiffany.

In a previous interview, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson discussed how wonderful grandparents they are to their grandkids, especially Michaiah.

When their grandkids are around, Tom and Rita concur that they no longer feel the need for TV, radio, or literature. They reasoned that their grandchildren would simply put up with them.

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