Meet The Missing Grand Daughter Of The US President – Navy Joan Roberts

The present U.S. President’s seventh grandchild is named Navy Joan Roberts. The 46th U.S. President’s second son, Hunter Biden, was Joan’s daddy. Joe’s second son is an American attorney well-known for several contentious issues.

Although Joan’s daddy frequently appears in the spotlight, nothing is known about her real mother. According to reports, Joan’s mommy is a stripper who also filed a custody lawsuit against her ex-partner Hunter after the lawyer refused to acknowledge the kid’s paternity.

Let’s find out whether Joan is the U.S. President’s genetic granddaughter. Also, let’s figure out more about Joan’s parents’ brief relationship and where Joan is right now!

Birth Details Of Navy Joan Roberts:

As many might know, Navy Joan Roberts is one of Joe Biden’s granddaughters. Navy Joan was born to her biological mommy Lunden Alexis Roberts and daddy Hunter Biden.

This beautiful baby girl was born in the American state of Arkansas, in the city of Little Rock. Joan’s birthday falls on August 28, 2018, which makes her 4 years old as of 2022. 

The birth of this beautiful bundle of joy was initially announced by Joan’s biological mommy, Lunden. A few days after the announcement, Joan’s mommy uploaded a collage of her newborn baby and captioned it with the little one’s name and date of birth. 

In terms of Joan’s nationality, the four-year-old is an American citizen with a mixed racial heritage.

Joan’s Biology Mom Is A Stripper:

Lunden Roberts, Joan’s mother, is a native of the Arkansas town of Batesville. 

Lunden attended Arkansas State University for her studies before transferring to Western Illinois University. She had also won a championship in basketball. Joan’s mother then attended George Washington University. 

Despite having a stellar academic record, Lunden Roberts decided to alter her career and become a stripper. 

Lunden had formerly performed as a stripper at a nightclub and several renowned pubs in Washington, DC.

The First Meeting Of Joan’s Parents:

Lunden Roberts and Hunter Biden initially met at a Washington, DC, strip club. The pair’s first meeting happened when Hunter and his first wife, Kathleen, parted ways. It was the period when Hunter Biden was seeing his deceased brother’s widow, Hallie Biden. 

Lunden, who was a stripper at the time, continued to date Hunter after their initial spark. She became pregnant with Hunter’s kid quite quickly, and Lunden delivered their beautiful baby girl.

The mother of the infant, however, held back the information until her baby girl was a bit older. As it became more challenging for Lunden to care solely for Joan, she insisted Hunter afford child support.

Joe’s Son Refused Being The Dad Of Joan:

When rumors regarding Hunter’s kid from his short affair with Lunden spread, the lawyer refused to acknowledge the father of their kid. 

Joe’s son even said that they had never shared a bed. However, several other former workers of the strip club where Lunden worked backed Lunden and provided their testimony to corroborate Joan’s mommy’s side of the story. 

Later, in October 2021, Lunden decided to use the results of DNA analysis to establish Hunter’s paternity.

Confirming Joan’s Dad’s Identity Through DNA:

As was already reported, after Hunter first denied being the daddy of their kid, Lunden requested a DNA sample. Hunter is not anticipated to contest the DNA test findings or the testing procedure, according to the stripper at the period who was then Hunter’s girlfriend. 

Lunden chose to sue him for child support once the test was positive, and she also prevailed in the case. 

In the end, Joe’s son consented to provide Lunden with 2.5 million dollars in child support. 

Once it is established that Joan is Hunter’s biological child, the Biden family, including Joe Biden, consents to welcome Joan into the family.

Navy Joan’s Half-Siblings From Her Daddy’s Marriage:

Navy Joan’s daddy has five children, including her. Joan has four additional half-siblings from her daddy’s two further marriages. 

In 1993, Hunter wed Kathleen Buhle. Later, in 2017, they broke up. Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy Biden were their three children together.

From her daddy’s marriage to Melissa Cohen, Joan has one younger half-sibling, Beau Biden Jr.

How Is Joan’s Life Right Now?

Joan, together with her mommy is living the high life in Washington, DC. Hunter gave Lunden some money, which she used to construct their house there. 

The home’s construction cost her close to 2 million dollars. Additionally, the popular youngster Navy participates in sports specifically tee-ball. Lunden considers herself fortunate to be able to be Joan’s mommy, despite all the obstacles.

Where Is Navy Joan Robert?

Joan presently resides in Washington, DC, with her mom and her maternal grandparents. 

Rob Roberts, Joan’s maternal grandpa, was born and raised in Arkansas.

Social Media Presence Of Navy Joan Robert’s Mom:

Joan’s mother appears to be very active on social media. Lunden maintains a regular presence on her official Instagram account. Joan’s mommy also maintains an active Facebook page.

Lunden primarily posts images of herself and Navy Roberts, her infant. On her Instagram, Lunden also uses the caption to convey her joy at becoming a mother.

Joan Is Living A Luxurious Life:

The US attorney and Luden’s kid, Joan, lead opulent lives. She received 2.5 million dollars in child support from her birth dad, as was previously indicated, which was sufficient for Joan to live a luxurious life.

Quick Facts About Joan And Her Family:

  • Hunter Biden first disputed that he was her birth daddy; however, after being forced to take a DNA test, Hunter came to acknowledge Joan as his daughter.
  • Lunden concealed the pregnancy, but after some time she sued Hunter for child support.
  • Joan’s grandmother and aunt were lost in a 1972 accident.
  • Joan’s daddy and her uncle Beau wanted Joan’s grandfather to remarry. Then, after four years, Jill Biden became Joan’s daddy’s stepmother.
  • Joan and her grandpa, Joe, were both born in the same month. He was born in November as well.

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