From Personal To Professional – The Life Story Of Melanie Leis

Following Kelly McGillis’s relationship, Melanie Leis made headlines. Although they were companions from 2010 to 2011, they had been friends since the early 2000s. 

Since divorcing her former husband, Fred Tillman, Kelly has spent the most time with Melanie. However, because Kelly dreads coming out as a lesbian, the partnership was not without its challenges for both of them.

Due to Kelly’s prominence in the film business, you surely know her tale. She is well-known for her performances in movies like Rachel Lapp in Witness and Charlie in Top Gun. 

On the other hand, not much is revealed about her ex. What is Melanie’s tale then? We will narrate that tale. 

Melanie Leis’s Birth Details:

Melanie’s exact birthdate is unknown. It might, however, have existed in 1968 or 1969. Melanie was welcomed into the world with her origins unknown. 

Even her early life has not yet been fully disclosed. However, she might be American by birth and upbringing. Melanie will be 55 years old in 2022, and her zodiac sign is Cancer. 

Melanie’s Path Since Birth:

Melanie received a degree in arts, music production, and performance after attending the Berklee College of Music. Also, Kelly’s ex had been working for the International Ticketing Association.

Kelly’s ex also holds a New Burry College associate’s degree in hotel and restaurant management. 

Melanie Leis’s Incredible Professional History:

Melanie served as Cingular Wireless’ (AT&T) retail manager between September 2001 and July 2003. After that, between February 2004 and January 2008, she worked for PC Administration as a district sales manager. 

Melanie then decided to work at Sovereign Bank, where she served as a portfolio expert until May 2009. She re-entered the field of sales management in July 2009, although this time she worked for Simply Wireless/Mobile Now. 

In January 2010, she quit the company and entered retail business development as a member of their global launch team.

For Independence Communications, Inc., Melanie had taken on the role of RSM once more. Her next position was in the sales and development division of Broadview Networks.

One year afterward, Kelly’s ex took over management of All Covered Inc.’s company development. Similar to this, Melanie has worked with the PD Corp, Vendini, Society of Grownups, and Tappit. She then entered the latter in July 2021 and has been serving as its Vice President since then.

Melanie has also performed significant volunteer activities for Haitian orphanages and the Houston hurricane during this time.

Melanie’s Love Story:

Kelly McGillis, a well-known performer, and Melanie were formerly married. Melanie is a lesbian. 

In Key West, Florida, a tavern was where the two first met. Kelly came to see her movie. She was with Fred Tillman, her former husband. Melanie was the restaurant’s bartender during that period. As a result, they both passed each other and walked away unseen.

They later reconnected and fell in love. Kelly and Melanie both had difficult circumstances in their lives. They cohabitated in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. 

In a similar vein, she married Kelly in the New Jersey region in 2010. Together with their families, the couple attended the civil union event.

Sadly, their romance ended at the beginning of 2011. Melanie is currently relishing being unmarried and concentrating on her job.

From Drinking To Doing Drugs:

Kelly and Melanie began dating soon after they had ignited a relationship between them, but they swiftly slipped into a disastrous habit. Melanie said that they were co-conspirators who also used alcohol and narcotics recreationally.

Melanie recalled how difficult it was for them to adjust to sobriety and a new way of life in 2001 while they were cohabitating in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. 

Kelly worked in regional theatre and on television throughout their almost ten-year partnership. Kelly, however, ignored discussing the union in public.

Melanie’s ex and James Taylor’s admirer allegedly never even had their picture taken together. She acknowledged that she had always been publicly lesbian, but this still happened. Kelly needs seclusion, and the former sales professional claimed she appreciated and understood that. 

Melanie had even been warned by Kelly not to approach her in public. Although she had previously claimed to have been a lesbian for the whole of her life, Kelly only stepped out in 2009. 

The actress, who is now 64, acknowledged that since high school, she has found females to be appealing, but disgusted herself since that wasn’t acceptable.

Melanie and Kelly’s Partnership Led To Problems For Her Kids:

Kelly’s two daughters noted how the transition from Key West to Mohnton had its own set of difficulties. Their new facility was rather in a conservative area, which was the reason.

She said how her connection with Kelly harmed her children and upset her greatly. Kelly decided not to discuss it as a result. Given that her kids were adults and no longer living at home, Kelly decided to answer the question honestly rather than try to shield anybody. Ironically, though, she and Melanie had split up by this point.

Months earlier, they had publicly acknowledged that their partnership no longer worked and had ended. 

Kelly claimed that they had developed and evolved at various eras and various rates. She mentioned that while Melanie was always the one she desired to be with, she was also not willing to stay unless Melanie was prepared to work on herself.

The Attacks On Melanie’s Ex:

From her early years until adulthood and even during her retirement, Kelly had not lived an easy existence. 

Kelly described how her family booted her out when she was just 17 years old due to her being a sexual assault victim, turning into a lesbian, and all the drug use. 

Even in June 2017, McGillis’ Edneyville home was broken into by an Illinois woman.

Melanie’s Present Status And Residence:

Melanie presently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and is very busy working at music festivals and selling tickets. 

Kelly’s ex-girlfriend also promotes several fundraising initiatives on her Facebook page in the interim.

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