All About Trevor Noah’s South African Mommy Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah

Though Patricia is a South African media celebrity, she enjoys recognition as Trevor Noah’s mommy. The celebrity’s son works as a performer, TV host, political pundit, and comedian.  Patricia decided to have Trevor as a protest against racism and nurtured him primarily by herself. Trevor learned to be independent, aggressive, and creative from his famous mommy.

The Daily Show, a comic newscast from the United States that airs on Comedy Central, is hosted by Patricia’s son. The celebrity kid has previously served as host of the Tonight with Trevor Noah discussion program. Here are some little-known facts about the media figure, such as how difficult her kid’s upbringing, schooling, and career were. Keep scrolling.

How Did Patricia Rise To Fame?

Patricia rose to fame when her 38-year-old son’s autobiographical comic book was issued. The book was titled Born a Crime, and Patricia Nombiyiselo Noah attracted even more media exposure once the book got published. 

The plot revolves around Trevor’s childhood in his birthplace, South Africa, during a period when conceiving children of different races was illegal. 

Patricia’s Early Childhood Details:

Nomalizo Frances Noah and Temperance Noah gave birth to the media figure Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah. However, we don’t have any specifics about Patricia’s precise birthday. 

The media personality is a South African citizen and of Nguni or Xhosa ancestry. Patricia is not a lone kid; she seems to be the middle child in her family. However, the South African native Patricia was reportedly moved to live with her daddy. 

Later on, Patricia’s daddy took her to Transkei to reside with his sister, who is also the media celeb’s aunt.  When Trevor Noah was in Transkei, the renowned mommy of Trevor occupied her aunt’s hut with 14 other relatives, including her aunt’s kids.

Patricia’s Educational Background:

Patricia enrolled in the still-open missionary school when she became older because the South African native wanted to know how to read and write. And after becoming literate, the media celeb found employment at a local plant where she was paid with a lunch each day.

The Poverty Hit On Patricia Noah:

Patricia was raised in South African slums, in addition to the 14 other kids her age. The South African families were required to live in extremely cramped quarters since the authorities allotted very little land to the general populace. Maintaining an individual’s life was an intense sport without power, water, nutritious meals, and rich land. Due to a lack of money, individuals relied on subpar farming to survive.

Patricia had to work for her own money, too. So, Trevor’s mommy would assist in the field. Even then, there wasn’t enough food for everyone at Patricia’s home. The South African native used to have to engage in combat with others to obtain a small amount of food. When people ran out of food, Patricia would occasionally take animal food, scraps, or whatever else she could get her hands on to feed herself.

Not to mention, Patricia had been residing at her aunt’s place for almost 12 years. After her aunt became ill, the media figure returned to Soweto, but on this occasion, her stay was brief since she soon relocated to Johannesburg.  Trevor’s mommy then migrated to Johannesburg to break the vicious cycle of poverty and stop paying the black tax.

Fortunately, Patricia found a typing job during a time when there wasn’t much employment accessible for black people. In those days, these occupations, as well as any other specialized roles or executive positions, were often only available to white people. When the media celebrity turned 22, she allegedly found employment as a secretary for a big pharmaceutical business in Johannesburg’s white neighborhood.

Patricia’s Days In Johannesburg During The Apartheid Period:

Even if the mommy of the famous comedian obtained a respectable position in Johannesburg, it was still illegal for black people to live there. As a result, Patricia went searching for other ways to pass the evening. 

The media celebs first passed the night in various locations, including public bathrooms. Later, Patricia encountered several Xhosa sex workers who showed her how to live stylishly in the city. They instructed her on how to pose as a maid and carry out her duties covertly.

Unfortunately, despite Patricia’s skills and covert attempts, she was frequently apprehended and detained by the authorities. But as soon as Trevor’s mommy had sufficient income, she would pay the penalty and carry on as before.

Patricia’s Relationship And Marriage:

Patricia met Robert Lloyd, a guy of Swiss-German heritage, while they both lived in Hillbrow.  Even though they weren’t involved in a relationship, Patricia wanted Robert to share a child with her. Patricia assured him that he was under no obligation to provide child maintenance or participate in the kid’s development if he so chose. 

Robert first turned down the offer since he didn’t want a kid, but he later decided to support Patricia. They had Trevor.  In 1992, Patricia and Abel Ngisaveni came into contact. Trevor’s mommy and Abel began to fall in love as time passed, and they decided to move on in their partnership. Then, Patricia and Abel got legally married when Trevor Noah was around 8 years old.

How Did The Celeb Mommy Influenced Trevor Noah?

Patricia experienced numerous difficulties as she grew up, and one lesson she took from the experience was the value of using humor to deal with suffering. 

The celeb mommy even teased Trevor when she was receiving therapy for her attempted homicide. Patricia taught her kid, who is now among the most well-known entertainers in the world, how to laugh and be forgiving.

Current Updates On Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah:

Together with her family, Patricia is presently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. She also has a real estate business there. Patricia claims that she does not desire to profit from her child’s achievement while discussing it.

Currently, Lupita Nyong’o seems to portray Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah in the next movie adaptation from Paramount Players.

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